The Gideon Generation

Tear Down To Raise Up

June 21, 2020 • Pastor Alexander James

Alexander James, Young Adult Pastor of Light and Life Christian Fellowship, shares a powerful message for Father's Day. Here are a few thing to ponder -Will Your life be an obstacle to the destiny of your children? -How will you live a life that supports what the next generation is called to do. -What idols will our children have to cut down that we raised up? -How Can I more intentionally sharpen my children? We have to be Curse Breakers for our families and it can start with you. CONNECT WITH HEAVENLY VISION https://www.hvcla.com https://www.facebook.com/hvcla https://www.instagram.com/hvcla https://www.twitter.com/hvcla CONNECT WITH OUR PASTOR JAMES RAY TAYLOR Twitter: https://twitter.com/bishopjrtaylor Instagram: https://instagram.com/jamesraytaylor