Episode 19 - In the Secret, In the Quiet Place

August 2, 2020 • Clint Neptune, Deb Griest, Jen Wuersig, and Nicole Weidokal

In this episode, Deb Griest, Jen Wuersig, and Nicole Weidokal share their experience with stillness and how it has transformed their lives. We discuss what a life of stillness looks like, where to start, and the benefits and challenges regarding the pursuit of stillness. You can learn more at https://seekingstillness.org/.

Episode 27 - Releasing Arrows into the World

September 20, 2020 • Clint Neptune, Jenn Carter, Tami Garlock & Brian Alonzo

In this episode, Brian Alonzo, Jenn Carter, and Tami Garlock share their experience as parents and raising kids in 2020. We discuss philosophies of parenting, what it means to parent well, the key challenges all parents face, and some strategies to overcome them.

Episode 26 - Making a Learner

September 13, 2020 • Clint Neptune & Greg Henson

In this episode, Greg Henson, who serves as the President of Sioux Falls Seminary, explains the seminary's unique approach to education. We talk about their Kairos Program, the power of mentorship, the role of credits, what matters most in the learning process, and how to harness student interests/needs while maintaining diversity and the transmission of established bodies of knowledge.

Episode 25 - Making The Right Call

September 6, 2020 • Dave Ambrose & Dave Ambrose

In this episode, Dave Ambrose shares about how to make good decisions as a leader. What would wisdom have us do when making decisions? We talk about how this relates to time-sensitive situations, deliberation, involving others in your decision, seeking counsel, and living with the results of your decisions.