2017 Practitioners

The Person of the Leader

Strengths & Goals

Speaker: Barb Barber • December 8, 2017 • Barb Barber

In this video resource, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Barb Barber, discusses the importance of discovering your strengths as well as the strengths of your team in order to better set goals and take the journey together. As a coach/consultant for over 15 years, Barb loves helping people accomplish big goals, and create an adventurous and rewarding life.

Fundraising Toolbox

Round Table of NextGen Leaders • October 31, 2017 • Round Table of NextGen Leaders

If you've spent any amount of time in ministry, let alone NextGen ministry, you've no doubt had to fundraise at some point. It comes with the territory! In this month's resource, several HDNextGen Leaders share their favorite fundraisers that you can take and use for your own ministries! HDNextGen Leaders Featured: Nicole Hill Tim Ward Jessica Watson Krystle Hobbs Beth Cecil

Silence & Solitude

Speaker: Harriet Mouer • September 27, 2017 • Harriet Mouer

You don't have a soul, you ARE a soul--you have a body. In this month's Practitioner's resource, Pastor Harriet Mouer discusses the importance of healthy spiritual rhythms, and specifically our need as leaders to practice silence and solitude with our creator. Harriet Mouer was raised on a farm in Northern Ohio and is a graduate of Bowling Green State University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music education.  She has served with her husband, Bill in ministry in Michigan, Illinois, California and Ohio.  After retiring as supervisor of the former Mid-Atlantic District of Foursquare Churches, Harriet now serves as a Life Coach to individuals and groups. Harriet and Bill also host “Replenishing Your Soul” retreats for leaders in their home.  Their hearts are to see leaders live out spiritual realities that reinforce living and pursuing the “unforced rhythms of grace.”   The love of their lives are their three married children and seven grandchildren who live in CT, N.C. and Toronto, Canada.

Reaching Families With Disabilities

Speaker: Brett Fischer • August 28, 2017 • Brett Fischer

In this month's Practitioner's resource, Brett Fischer shares his passion for reaching families with disabilities, and offers ways your ministry can begin to think incarnationally towards these families and individuals with special needs. Five Ideas You Can Implement This Week Provide a sensory object for kids to play with during quiet times in your service. For instance, offer a squishy ball (that is even allowed during the lesson time) for a kid or student with special needs. At your next outreach event, host a wheelchair cleaning in addition to whatever you're doing.  Wheelchairs can be hard to keep clean because of so much use.  But taking time to throughly clean someone's wheelchair can be real ministry.  Almost like washing someone's feet! Often kids or students with special needs thrive on routine.  So if there's a change, even slightly, in your schedule, call the parent ahead of time to let them know ahead of time, so they can prepare their son/daughter.  Even something as simple as starting class outside or in the gym can be very difficult if someone is used to starting in a classroom.  Instead, take 5 minutes to call the parent so the kid/students is prepared when they arrive at church. Find a buddy! Ask a couple peers in your ministry to be buddies for kids with special needs.  And then introduce them to the family & allow the parent to give them pointers for how to make church great for their son/daughter. Most importantly, pray!  Ask the Lord for wisdom and discernment.  Offer your ministry as an extension of His hand to those with disabilities and as a refuge for their families...then watch what He will do. Brett Fischer, MPT, CEO— Brett founded Victory Lane Camp when, as a physical therapist, he recognized that families needed to be strengthened not just physically, but also emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. He’s found joy in building an organization to help families discover the power of a community.

Your Ministry & Your Finances

Speaker: Harlyn Matson • Harlyn Matson

Stewardship within a leader's finances can often be found on the back-burner, or neglected altogether in the rhythms of ministry. In this month's Practitioner's resource, Harlyn Matson, shares practical insights and and best practices all ministry leaders should keep at the forefront of their stewardship in their finances. Harlyn Matson a nationally recognized financial educator, author and speaker whom you may have read about in the FFS eNewsletters or other periodicals. This presentation has been seen by people all over the United States and is consistently rated, “tremendous!” CPAs, attorneys and financial professionals have benefited from hearing and speaking with Harlyn as he frequently presents across the country on topics including Estate and Income Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Family Wealth Preservation and has worked on estate plans ranging in size to $100 million. When Harlyn is not riding motorcycles or cooking with his wife, he serves on several philanthropic boards.

Wisdom For Leader Endurance

Speakers: Steve Ryssemus & Gary Dunahoo • May 11, 2017 • Steve Ryssemus & Gary Dunahoo

Regardless of what capacity of leadership you serve in, everyone wants to be able to sustain their leadership for the long haul. In this month's Practitioner's resource, Pastors Steve Ryssemus and Gary Dunahoo share resources, practices and wisdom they have picked up over the course of their ministries that have helped in their endurance as leaders.

Mobilizing Team Members

Speaker: Kimberly Dirmann • March 23, 2017 • Kimberly Dirmann

In this month’s video, NextGen Pastor Kimberly Dirmann offers practical insight and easy to implement practices for recruiting, leading and retaining Team Members within your ministry.

Ministry & Your Marriage and Singleness

Round Table of Leaders • February 22, 2017 • Round Table of NextGen Leaders

In this month's video, Four HDFoursquare Leaders share on the challenges and benefits of leading ministry whether you are single, married and married to a spouse that does not have a ministry position. Hear the practical ways each leader addresses these challenges and leads in the benefits. Leaders featured in this Video: Valerie Pries | ELN & Life Groups Director | Decatur, IL Rod & Samantha Burris | Lead Pastors of Open Hearts Foursquare Church | Monticello, IL Caleb Ingrum | Lead Pastor of Urbana & Mahomet Foursquare Churches | Illinois

The POD Plan

Speaker: Dan Mundt • January 25, 2017 • Dan Mundt

In this month's video, Dan Mundt introduces "The POD Plan" as a resource for leaders in establishing vision, direction and action in the Person of the Leader, Organizational Leadership and Skills, and Domains of Expertise. You can download and fill out your own POD Plan with the links listed.