2014 Spring Practitioners

Developing Personally & Spiritually Healthy Leaders

The Power of Withdrawing

Speaker: Kimberly Dirmann • Kimberly Dirmann

Kimberly and her husband, Jerry, served as youth pastors at Valley Community Church, El Monte Foursquare, for 8 ½ years (1986-1994). In December 1994, Jerry was appointed Foursquare National Youth Minister, and they traveled extensively with their children throughout the United States ministering at camps and to youth pastors and leaders. Kimberly served as the Director of Foursquare Women International from 2000-2005 with the primary focus of resourcing women in ministry. She and her national team developed the “Dare to Dream” Conference. Kimberly also co-hosted a talk show on KFSG during this time. Kimberly has served as Co-Pastor, Family Pastor and Kids’ Pastor of The Rock, Anaheim Foursquare Church; a church she and her husband opened in April 2000. Kimberly presently teaches the level 5 adult discipleship courses at the church, which focuses on ministry. In May of 2009 Kimberly was appointed as the Southwest District Supervisor for the Foursquare denomination. She, along with her district staff, oversees and serves 167 churches in Arizona and parts of Southern California, Southern Nevada, Southern Utah.

Balancing Family & Ministry

Speaker: Dan Mundt • Dan Mundt

Dan & Cindy Mundt have been in ministry for 28 years serving as Youth Pastors at the Moline Gospel Temple in Moline, Illinois, Assistant Pastors at The Family Fellowship in Amherst, Ohio and for 16 years as the Pastors of Faith Outreach Center in Rochester, Indiana. Dan currently serves as the Heartland District Supervisor. The Heartland District is six states: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. Dan graduated from Mt. Vernon Bible College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bible in 1986 and was ordained at Angelus Temple in 1988. Dan & Cindy have been married for 31 years and are the proud parents of Josh, who is 22, and Becca, who is 19.

Seeking Balance

Speakers: Kevin & Jessica Harkens • Kevin & Jessica Harkens

Video Note: Just prior to shooting this video the Harkens had a break in, and all of their computers, and cameras were stolen. The video was made with a lower quality camera, but we are extremely grateful for their contribution! Kevin knew he was called into ministry from the age of 17 and has given himself to serving the Lord in ministry ever since. He graduated from Life Pacific (Bible) College in 2006 where he studied Pastoral Ministry. He is passionate about discipleship and the next generation. He has served as a volunteer children’s pastor and recently as a bi-vocational youth pastor for the previous two years at a Foursquare church in Southern California. Jessica is an Associate Pastor at The Rock, which is based in Anaheim CA. She began serving at The Rock in 2004 after graduating from UCLA. For the last 3 years she has overseen The Rock’s Discipleship Program, Operation Solid Lives. She has a passion for the nations and overseas The Rock’s Missions Department. She has also had a hand in helping with the launch of satellite campuses of the Rock. Kevin and Jessica have been married 8 months and recently moved across the country to help launch a new satellite campus of The Rock in Miami, FL. They are enjoying Cuban food, alligator sightings, living in a city, and learning to do life and ministry together. Kevin loves that Jessica owned a matching hiking backpack to his when they met. Jessica loves Kevin’s ability to kill cockroaches.

Defining Wins & Successes

Speaker: Tim Genin • Tim Genin

Regional Pastor for Minnesota and Wisconsin in the Heartland District Tim, along with Kim, his wife of 33 years, has served as Lead Pastor of the Madison Foursquare Church in Madison, WI since September 1992. Tim and Kim are graduates of Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK and are very appreciative of being welcomed into the Foursquare family, its history and its promising future. Tim and Kim are the glad parents of three boys: Jeremiah (Suzie), Andrew (Olivia), and Christopher. Jeremiah and Andrew are graduates of Life Pacific College and all three boys (and Suzie) are engaged in Foursquare ministry. The Madison Foursquare Church is home to Spirit Life Institute of Ministry, a Certified Non-Formal Foursquare Institute that opened in the autumn of 2005 and the Madison Emerging Leadership Network (ELN) that began in the summer of 2011. Since his appointment as pastor, Tim has come to appreciate the deep joy that is experienced when pleasing the heart of God through pastoral ministry and finds his greatest fulfillment when he is able to stimulate and support the gifts and callings of others into healthy and fruitful expression.

2 Chainz: Gifted or Called?

Speaker: Cheyne Jackson • Cheyne Jackson

Associate Director of Foursquare Missions Press, Co-Director of One8, and NextGen Pastor in Los Angeles California. Cheyne is known for his razor sharp wit, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, insight into scripture, an acute prophetic calling, and unique journey to vocational ministry. He spent years working as Senior Editor for The Beverly Hills Times, Niche Media, Executive Vice President for Fabulous365 Media, Executive and Buyer for such Houses as: Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Giorgio Armani, as well as an internationally syndicated columnist. Cheyne has traveled the world, and is quoted to be: “One of top culture creators under 30” -New York Magazine. He also authored “Tongue N’ Chic”, the wildly popular and sardonic fashion, culture, and social commentary column. After the Lord got ahold of Cheyne’s heart in what can only be described as a miraculous act of love and grace, Cheyne retired from all of his endeavors in culture, luxury and fashion and entered into his God-given calling by taking two years to volunteer as assistant to the National Foursquare NextGen Director. After biblical-education, rabbinical-discipleship, and being ordained as a Foursquare Minister, Pastor Cheyne now works toward the goal of extending the good news of Christ Jesus from a Kingdom based paradigm that transcends denomination, gender, race, or Socio-economic backgrounds, so every person he comes in contact with to experience the truly transformative power of authentic relationship with Christ Jesus and life in His Kingdom. Whether from the large scale work Cheyne leads in his role as a director of two influential and bridge-building organizations or in the beauty and intimate setting as a local pastor to the emerging generation, Cheyne believes in championing spiritual formation through a renovation of mind and character into the example of Jesus.