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We have a massive, $5 Million Dollar, gift for you. We have partnered with RightNow Media! RightNow Media is like a Netflix of Bible Studies. It has over 400 Christian publishers and tens of thousands of Bible studies, conferences, training sessions, kid’s cartoons, and much more! There are over 20,000 churches who partner with RightNow Media. As a pastor, leader or credential holder with us, you receive FREE access to this resource! You can get access to this amazing resource IMMEDIATELY with 2 easy ways: Simply Click the "Get Started" Link and follow the instructions to set up your account. You can also text “RIGHTNOW HDFOURSQUARE” to 41411 and you will get an invitation to activate your free account. The RightNow Media App gives you instant access to thousands of Bible study videos and kid's episodes. Access biblical video content anywhere, anytime for you and your family! Now, your account cannot be shared or given away to your church. It is a gift to you and your family to use for your marriage, finances, Bible Study, etc. However, because you are a part of Heartland District of the Foursquare Church your church qualifies for a significant discount with RightNow Media so you can continue to equip your families, resource your groups, and develop your leaders. If you have any questions about RightNow Media, how to set up your free account, or questions about giving it to your church, click the "Connect With RightNow Media" link and RightNow Media will connect with you. RightNow Ministries will also be reaching out over the next few weeks to make this offer known to you as well and help you set up your account. We hope and pray this is a blessing to you and your families!

Retiro de Liderazgo Hispano 2019

Hispanic Pastors Retreat 2019

Spring 2019 Promo

See what's coming up!

We’ve got some exciting events coming up, including our HD Leaders Advance in 4 cities! Register and get more info at HDFoursquare.com/events #WeLoveTheHD

Beat the Odds

HD Leader Advance Promo #1

Register you and your team today! March 19 | Indianapolis, IN March 21 | Moline, IL March 26 | Cedar Rapids, IA March 28 | Minneapolis, MN

Fly Over Your Life in a Drone

HD Leader Advance Promo #2

Register you and your team today! March 19 | Indianapolis, IN March 21 | Moline, IL March 26 | Cedar Rapids, IA March 28 | Minneapolis, MN

Invite a Friend!

HD Leader Advance Promo #3

Register you and your team today! March 19 | Indianapolis, IN March 21 | Moline, IL March 26 | Cedar Rapids, IA March 28 | Minneapolis, MN

HDConference 2018 Promo Outtakes

Dan & Cindy Mundt

We tried to make a promo video for #HDEmpowered18... but feel free to register and get your hotel room anyway!

2018 Missions Project Thank You

Chad Isenhart

In this video Chad Isenhart, International Response Director of Foursquare Disaster Relief, shares a BIG THANK YOU to all who gave to this year's HDNextGen Missions Project: Project Nourish. For more info on how to continue to give, please visit: https://www.foursquare.org/fdr

Camp Hickory Pool Campaign

Pool Fundraiser Video • Dan Mundt

For several years now, unknown to many of our camping programs and leaders, the pool at Camp Hickory has been rapidly deteriorating. The pool is an integral part of our summer camp season. We simply cannot see running camp without the option of afternoon swim times on these hot summer days. We do not have lake access, so it truly is one of the best features of our camp. While it is our deep desire to possibly build and increase lodging space at our camp, the cost of repairing the pool has risen to the top of the needs here at Camp Hickory. Because our camp operates on such a slim financial budget, many times, improvements and changes can not happen as soon as we would like them too. Our facility manager, John Gylleck, has been working behind the scenes for many years doing his best to keep this pool open. He has done patches, deck sanding, painting and more. This year we faced more obstacles than any year previous as he discovered cracked pipes and broken valves in the pool systems room. The ancient pool boiler-heating system finally is un-fixable. The pool, which was originally installed in the 1960’s is literally cracking apart inside the cement structure, with thousands of gallons leaking out each swimming season. To keep it ready for campers, we are constantly filling it, always adding more chemicals, and running the circulation system harder than it was designed for. The cement deck surrounding the pool also has heaved, sunk and cracked over many Winters and Summers. John never takes short cuts in repairs, and visits the pool multiple times daily to maintain the PH-health of the water for our campers. We have spent time researching with multiple commercial pool companies, receiving inspections and estimates to get various bids with solutions to fix the pool. The Illinois Department of Health has also been included in this process regarding the codes and rules that cover the camp ground facilities. Some of the solutions for repairs were in the neighborhood of $250,000. That amount seemed so far out of reach for us that we set it aside, prayed, and hoped John could keep the pool running for a little while longer. Last Fall we once again started the process of searching for repair solutions. We have finally found a company that can create a commercial liner for the size of our pool. This solution is compliant with our Illinois state health codes, and will be sturdy enough to stop the leaks and give us about 10 more years of life to the pool. The combined cost of the liner, replacing the cement deck, the fence, and privacy bathroom screens, is around $80,000. The cost of an engineer to draw up the plan is $4200. There is also the cost of a new pool furnace which adds another $15,000-$18,000. One last need is a handicap chair lift. This cost adds another $5000-$7000. For all repairs and equipment and permitting, we will need around $106,000. The need is overwhelming , almost ludicrous in every human sense of reason. Spending that much money on a pool, really? But we know this camp has been dedicated to the message of the Gospel, and to serving the Next Generation of our district. The heart of ministry that happens on these grounds is anointed by our Father. We are asking individuals and churches to consider the eternal impact of camp, and many campers who have had life changing experiences at Camp Hickory as they give towards our Pool Repair Campaign. #CampMatters To Give towards this Campaign, please make checks out to the “Heartland District” with a memo line of “Camp Hickory Pool Repair”, and mail it to: 3625 Utica Ridge Rd. Ste. 2 Bettendorf, IA 52722 Online Giving Coming Soon!

ARISE Internship Promo

"Testimonies of the ARISE Internship"

Watch testimonies from alumni of our HDNextGen ARISE Summer Internship. For more information, or to apply, follow the the "ARISE Website" link.

A Conduit of Love & Blessing

Heartland Devo | December 2015 • December 8, 2015 • Dan Mundt

Persevere in Prayer

Heartland Devo | October 2015 • October 7, 2015 • Steve Ryssemus

Steve Ryssemus shares on the importance of perseverance in our prayers.