2016 Practitioners

Head, Heart & Hands

Waiting Isn't Wasting

Speaker: Chad Garrison • November 18, 2016 • Chad Garrison

In this month’s video, Chad Garrison offers some encouragement and practical steps every leader can take when they find themselves in the seasons of “waiting” we will all inevitably face. Chad Garrison has served vocationally in ministry since 2001 as a multimedia director, youth pastor, executive pastor and senior pastor. He currently serves as NextGen Coordinator to the Heartland District, as well as Lead Pastor at Illuminate Church in Indianapolis, IN. Chad is married to his beautiful wife, Lindsay. They have 2 daughters, Addi and Elli, and a son, Caedmon. Chad dislikes waiting as much as you do, but loves Jesus, the Heartland District, the great state of Indiana (particularly Indy), football, basketball and is 100% Geek. No apologies.

The Events/Games Toolbox

Round Table of NextGen Leaders • October 21, 2016 • Round Table of NextGen Leaders

In this month's resource, NextGen Leaders from all over the Heartland District share their most successful and engaging events, games and ideas in their NextGen Ministries.

Engaging Parents & Families

Speaker: Kelly Fellows • September 23, 2016 • Kelly Fellows

In this month's video, Kelly Fellows discusses the needs of engaging parents and families by presenting family ministry models, as well as practical steps ministries can take to pass along God's ways to the next generation. BIO: Kelly Fellows is a nationally renowned speaker, teacher and leader. He served four years as the Foursquare National NextGen Director - a national network of leaders who work with children, tweens, teens and young adults. In addition, he has 20 years of experience pastoring, training, and equipping families, leaders and students to "pass on God's Ways to the next generation.” Kelly lives in Newport Beach, CA with his wife and two daughters.

Crisis Intervention

Speaker: David Weis • August 17, 2016 • David Weis

In this month's video, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), David Weis, discusses existing and emerging points of crisis that the pastors and leaders encounter, along with practical tips that can be used in addressing and engaging these points in ministry.

Grief Counseling

Speaker: Jim McGuire • June 24, 2016 • Jim McGuire

In this month's video, Foursquare Chaplain, Jim McGuire, discusses some points and tips on the topic of grief that he has learned in his experience as a Hospice Chaplain and his own grief counseling with others.

Do's & Don't of NextGen Ministry

Round Table of NextGen Leaders • May 20, 2016 • Round Table of NextGen Leaders

In this month's video, five HDNextGen Practitioners share the the Do's and Don'ts that have become invaluable to them during their time ministering to the next generation. Regardless of where you serve, and what age group you minister to, the wisdom passed along by these leaders will be invaluable to you too! Featured Leaders in order of appearance: LaTanya Santiago | Chicago Heights, IL Aaron Bolyard | Independence, IA Shelly Miller | Waterford, MI TJ Burget | Rochester, MN Chris Radke | Clinton, IA

The Why of NextGen

Speaker: Daniel Brown • April 22, 2016 • Daniel Brown

In this month's video, Daniel A. Brown, PhD breaks down why NextGen ministry is vital to life of every church, and what it means to fully grasp its significance. Daniel also gives practical advice to Senior leaders and NextGen leaders alike in aligning vision and passion to shape the Next Generation. Daniel A. Brown, PhD Daniel Brown, known as “friend” to Foursquare pastors and national leaders throughout the world, Daniel is one of the most personable, yet provocative, leaders in the international Foursquare family. He gleans thought-provoking as well as practical treasures from the Bible, and expounds them with humor, animation and enthusiasm. His insights about discipleship, church leadership and Spirit-empowered ministry, coupled with his unassuming manner, make him a sought-after speaker around the world. Daniel has authored four books and numerous articles, but he is best-known for the sorts of resources that help local church leaders excel in their spiritual assignment. Though always engaging and entertaining, his presentations are intently biblical, and Daniel laces everything he says with paraphrased, quoted or summarized scripture. Daniel’s unique approach to most subjects makes him well-recognized as an “out-of-the-box” thinker with a distinctive, conversational and decidedly non-religious style. He makes complex concepts simple to understand, and his humor enables people to grapple with both the toughest and the most sensitive topics. Inevitably, he makes everyone rethink what they know. Daniel served five years on the pastoral ministry team at The Church on the Way under Pastor Jack Hayford. In December 1984, his family was sent out by Pastor Jack with a small company of collegians and young singles to pioneer a church near Santa Cruz, California. There he planted The Coastlands, serving as Senior Pastor for 22 years. Daniel’s passion to raise people up and send them out is evidenced by the over 37 teams he has released to pioneer new churches throughout the United States and Western Europe, the more than one dozen couples sent from the church to assume pastoral leadership roles in other congregations, as well as The Coastlands’ highly effective cell group ministry. Additionally, six of his associate pastors have stepped into senior pastor positions, including the young man Daniel Brown discipled to replace him as senior leader at The Coastlands beginning in 2007. Today, Daniel heads up Commended to The Word and travels the globe teaching leaders and encouraging them to “go for it” in God. His simple mission statement: “Love, mend, train and send people into more ministry than they would think to do on their own.” Daniel and Pamela have been married since 1973 and they have four children and 13 grandchildren.


Speakers: Josh Smith & Bill Mouer • March 18, 2016 • Josh Smith & Bill Mouer

In this month’s video, Pastor Josh Smith & Pastor Bill Mouer discuss the importance of and practical application of honor, especially within the seasons of leadership transition. Josh Smith Josh’s roots started in northern Indiana farm country. 1997 was a busy year graduating from high school, going to college, and discovering the love of his life (Sumer). They graduated from LIFE Pacific in 2001 and headed to Hope Chapel in Apex, NC to serve as youth pastors for the next 10 years. With a strong desire for discipleship, they partnered with the Ignite team in 2011 to help establish a Foursquare discipleship program / college on the East coast. After four exciting and adventurous years at Ignite, God’s plan would lead them to Amherst, OH where they currently serve as Lead Pastors. Josh and Sumer have two daughters, Hananiah and Aubrey, and it has been a complete joy to share their lives with others – striving to live out a 1 Thessalonians 2:8 philosophy: “We loved you dearly. Not content to just pass on the Message, we wanted to give you our hearts. And we did.” Bill Mouer Bill Mouer is an ordained minister and retired pastor; he and his wife, Harriet, pastored The Family Fellowship (Amherst Foursquare Church) in Amherst, Ohio, for 25 years.

Relational Boundaries

Speaker: Jim Machen • February 19, 2016 • Jim Machen

In this month’s video, Pastor Jim Machen discusses the importance of establishing Relational Boundaries within our personal and ministry lives. He also takes time to discuss the responsibilities each leader must take account for in establishing and maintaining these relational boundaries. Pastor Jim serves as the Senior Pastor of Church of the Open Door. He and his wife, Lisa, have served the church family and the Gateway area since 1996. They are both graduates of Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX. They have two children, Aundrea and Seth. Pastor Jim has a passion to teach and disciple in such a way that others can learn and grow through their own daily walk with Jesus Christ.

The Ministry Resource Toolbox

Round Table of NextGen Leaders • January 22, 2016 • Round Table of NextGen Leaders

In this month’s Practitioner’s video, NextGen Leaders Jameson Werking, Krystle Daulton and Brenton Hill, sit down for a round-table discussion on the websites, apps, software and media they use to enhance and simplify their ministries. This video is full of practical, easy to get, resources to help you in your ministry right away!