Warriors Hike 2019

New Territory to Conquer!!

May 4 - 5, 2019

This will be a 4 mile hike with a 1900 foot elevation gain. (Past years - Lonesome lake 1.6 mile 1100 feet elevation gain.) Come on men we can do it!! Cost: $80 paid in full by March 31st. Pay by credit card or tap debit card at church! Includes: fun, fellowship, bunk, Saturday supper and Sunday breakfast cooked by the award winning master chef’s Landry and Loughheed (5 stars on all rating sites that they area on) and the REAL MAN POLAR BEAR DIP!! Departing HCC Saturday morning 8am Returning Sunday early afternoon. See Daylen or Paul for more details. https://hcclennoxville.ca/warriors-hike/