The Character of God

God's Immeasurable Forgiveness

November 21, 2021 • Jason McNutt

When we view God through a human perspective, we get a flawed view. That flawed view impacts how we relate to Him, particularly when we consider His forgiveness. We struggle because we think He forgives like we do.

Caring for the Vulnerable

November 14, 2021

An unchanging theme throughout all Scripture is that God is drawn tot eh vulnerable and marginalized. God chooses to use His power to defend the weak. The heart of God is for the vulnerable. (Psalm 68:5-6). God calls us to minister to the vulnerable (James 1:27)

God's Abounding & Enduring Love

November 7, 2021 • Jason McNutt

Without fully appreciating how much God loves us, our understanding of His love is too shallow. Hence, we do not realize the impact His love should have on our lives.

A God Who Long Suffers

October 31, 2021 • Jason McNutt

God's nature is to be slow to anger (long suffering). However, in this and other things we can mistake the silence that comes with His patience as an indication He is like us (Psalm 50:21). That is not the case. God's anger is nuanced and His patience has limits.

Compassionate and Gracious

October 24, 2021 • Jason McNutt

Due to a recording problem, we're missing a short part of the sermon which set context. We're in Exodus where the Lord is responding to Moses right after Israel had abandoned God to worship the golden calf. (Exodus 32). We pick up where Jason is teaching on the Lord's response (Exodus 33) which is most remarkable, given this context. Understanding how God describes Himself is fundamental to understanding His desire for us as His image-bearers (Genesis 1:27). We do not have to guess about who He is because He tells us. He is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger and steadfast.