What happens when you read the Bible?

January 1, 2023 • Jay Owen • Acts 8:26–35

Reading Scripture with a right motive shows us God’s desires for righteous living by bringing us face-to-face with Jesus.  We read His Word, to both learn something and meet Someone.  

Why is confession important?

January 22, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Psalm 32

Confession is an act of declaring truths of our faith. When we confess our sinfulness, it is the step we take in affirming God’s grace through Jesus. Confession leads to our repentance. Repentance leads to God’s forgiveness. Forgiveness demonstrates our restored relationship with God.  

Why is corporate worship important?

January 15, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Colossians 3:11–17

Sunday services are a glimpse of the worship that takes place, throughout eternity, in heaven. God brings together intrinsically different people, praising Him. We make a harmonious sound; something we can only do among a company of believers.

Why are small groups important?

January 8, 2023 • Jason McNutt • Romans 12:3–16

Sunday morning sermons are not enough. We share personal application of God's word in our lives through intimate, Bible-based small group relationships. As interdependent members of one body, we grow as disciples of Jesus together by fulfilling ministry in small groups.