Forgive As You Have Been Forgiven

Forgive As You Have Been Forgiven

July 1, 2018 • Eric Posteluk

Matthew 18:21-35

An Old Prayer For A New Year

Psalm 90 • January 7, 2018 • Jeremy Ritzema

Triumphant Grace

January 1, 2017

When God’s grace is triumphant in our lives people see that our lives have changed to the glory of God. This week, Mike Kijowski shares a message from Isaiah on living in God’s grace.

Lord Use My Life: How to Become a Difference-Maker

January 3, 2010 • Luke Arhens

This week guest speaker Luke Arhens shares six distinctive marks of difference makers from the life of David.

Relationship Building 101

November 29, 2009 • Ian Hales

This week's guest speaker Ian Hales from the Harvest Training Center for church planters shares three keys to building and maintaining healthy relationships in the Church.

What is The Harvest Bible Fellowship?

November 15, 2009 • Kent Shaw

This week we take a break from the sermon series on Peter to hear what God is doing in Harvest churches around the world.

Possessing the Kingdom

July 17, 2011 • Drew Schmitz

How much do you value your relationship with Jesus? This week, Drew Schmitz, Pastor of Adult Ministries at Harvest Elgin brings a message from Matthew on possessing the Kingdom of God.

The Journey from Silence and Suffering to Presence and Power

July 10, 2011 • Jim Coakley

This week, guest speaker Dr Jim Coakley from Moody Theological Seminary brings a message from Exodus 1-2 reminding us that God is faithful, even when He appears to be silent.

Let's Stir Things Up

May 8, 2011 • Scott Hamilton

This week Pastor Scott Hamilton of Harvest Glasgow brings a message from Hebrews 3 encouraging us not to lose sight of the promises we have in Jesus.

Accomplishing Mission Impossible

November 28, 2010 • Josh Knipp

This week, guest speaker Josh Knipp from the Harvest Bible Fellowship shares a message from Titus 3 on devoting ourselves to good works, remembering where God saved us from.

Crisis Management 101

August 26, 2012 • Ken Henley

In times of crisis, we need to stop and lay our burdens before God in prayer. Then we will find peace. This week, Ken Henley brings a message from Philippians 4 on steps we can take to prepare for a crisis.

Become the Spirit Filled Christian You're Created to Be

March 13, 2016 • Brandon Capuano

We cannot reach the world for Christ without the power of the Holy Spirit. This week, Pastor Brandon shares a message from Acts on being filled with the Spirit.


A Pastor's Prayer for a New Church • March 20, 2016 • Pastor Brandon

Pastor Brandon Capuano delivers this week's message from Launch Sunday at Harvest Bible Chapel Rochester. Preaching from Colossians 1, Brandon teaches us how to know God better and realize that we are in need of God's grace and love.

I Will Persevere in my Trial

December 27, 2015 • Mike Kijowski

God uses temporary trails to strengthen and protect us. This week, Elder Mike Kijowski shares a message from 1 Peter on persevering in our trails.

The Bible Stands Alone

November 1, 2015 • Earl Marshall

Have you made God’s Word a priority in your life? This week, Earl Marshall from the Harvest Bible Fellowship shares a message from Psalm 19 on the uniqueness and importance of the bible.