Living By The Spirit (Part 1)

Romans 8:1-11

February 24, 2019 • Mike DuBard

We often believe the Spirit has provided for our past sin, but then think if we are going to see sin defeated today it’s up to us. That results in us simply trying to manage sin, and we wonder why we it never seems to be defeated. We try to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, we try to stop doing what we know we shouldn’t and try to start doing what we know we should, and we wonder why we keep failing at both – the answer is because you can’t do either on your own.

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The Matter Of Election

The Sovereignty Of God • May 19, 2019 • Mike DuBard

God in his mercy has made a way for us to be saved, who do not deserve to be, all so that he might be glorified through your life. So that you might fulfill the purpose for which you exist.

Sovereignty Matters

The Gospel of God's Sovereignty • May 5, 2019 • Mike DuBard

Faith in God’s sovereignty is what is going to provide us hope when things seem hopeless, security when we are fearful, encouragement when we are discouraged. Faith in the Sovereignty of God really is the hinge pin of the Christian faith. Because if we don’t have faith in God’s sovereignty, we will place our faith in ourselves, which can only lead one of two directions, to pride because of what we feel we have accomplished or despair because of what we know we can’t.

The Tension Within God's Sovereignty

The Gospel of God's Sovereignty • April 28, 2019 • Mike DuBard

If we are ever going to really understand God’s sovereignty properly, and truly be able to believe this doctrine in such a way that we don't become prideful but humble, we have to ask God to break our hearts for the lost.