Living By The Spirit (Part 3)

Romans 8:18-30

March 10, 2019 • Mike DuBard • Romans 8:18-30

Often so many of us have tunnel vision when it comes to present suffering. We only see what’s happening today. We think if God loves us, we should be spared from suffering, or at least it should be kept to a minimum, but suffering should not cause us to despair, it should compel us to have hope because of what we know God is accomplishing through our suffering, and that he has not left us alone in the midst of our suffering.

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The Matter of Salvation Part 2

The Sovereignty Of God • June 2, 2019 • Mike DuBard

In our bible-belt Christian culture it’s very easy for us to take this matter of salvation for granted. Often times salvation is simply assumed whether it’s because one grew up in the church, said a prayer when they were little or because people can point to some past personal experience, but our hope should never be placed in a past experience, even though they are important. Salvation should always be examined through the lens of present faith.

The Matter Of Salvation

The Gospel Of God's Sovereignty • May 26, 2019 • Mike DuBard

The world today sees the progression of its own virtue and believes that one does not need faith outside of oneself. Rather by believing in one’s own righteous actions, being far greater than those in the past, and because of their sincerity, they will ultimately be provided whatever salvation may be necessary. But is that true? What is the standard God is looking for? Is it just being better? Is it just being sincere?

The Matter Of Election

Romans 9:14-23 • May 19, 2019 • Mike DuBard

God in his mercy has made a way for us to be saved, who do not deserve to be, all so that he might be glorified through your life. So that you might fulfill the purpose for which you exist.