The Gospel Of God

Romans 1:1

September 9, 2018 • Michael DuBard • Romans: The Gospel of God

The book of Romans is a book all about God. It teaches us about God’s son, about God’s grace, and about God’s provision. It teaches about God’s promises, and about God’s person. It teaches us that it’s because of who God is that he has done the things he has done, and it teaches us that the purposes for which he has done all these things is his own glory.

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Because we are justified by faith, one day you and I will stand before God complete, whole, perfect, righteous, fully experiencing the glory of God for all of eternity, and God is going to use everything in your life to accomplish that. Sin and Suffering. Good and Evil. Your failures and your successes. Nothing is going to prevent God from accomplishing his plan of sanctification for your life.

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