The Gospel Of God

Romans 1:1

September 9, 2018 • Michael DuBard • Romans: The Gospel of God

The book of Romans is a book all about God. It teaches us about God’s son, about God’s grace, and about God’s provision. It teaches about God’s promises, and about God’s person. It teaches us that it’s because of who God is that he has done the things he has done, and it teaches us that the purposes for which he has done all these things is his own glory.

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The Matter Of Israel (part 2)

The Gospel Of God's Sovereignty • July 14, 2019 • Mike DuBard

This is why we have the good news of the Gospel and it is why we must believe it. So that in the end we all look back and see and the only thing we can point to, the only thing that we can declare is that God and God alone is worthy of all the glory! There are no other answers. There are no other options. There are no other ways. We come to God by faith in the Son of God, because of the mercy of God, as a result of the sovereignty of God or we don’t come at all.

The Matter Of Israel

The Gospel Of God's Sovereignty • July 7, 2019 • Mike DuBard

God is the only hope for ethnic Israel and He is the only hope for spiritual Israel. Faith is the only thing that matters.

The Matter Of Sovereignty

The Sovereignty Of God • June 30, 2019 • Mike DuBard

He is sovereign. It doesn’t mean that he is happy about everything that happens, but it does mean that everything that happens will be used to accomplish what he wants and knows already, will happen. His purposes will be accomplished. Our salvation, our sanctification, our glorification, our good and his glory will be accomplished.