Eyes on the Finish Line

February 6, 2022 • Ecclesiastes 12

Life is a race and every race has a finish line. If you keep your eyes on the finish line, it will influence your decisions and urge you to live with perspective. Fear God and Obey him. #Ecclesiastes #findingmeaningunderthesun #runtothefinishline

Live Intentionally

January 30, 2022 • Ecclesiastes 11

Our world is chaotic… Common responses to the chaos are to either be frantic or paralyzed. The Holy Spirit is ready to help us respond differently. We can live intentionally and invest our lives wisely. It is time to live different! #ecclesiastes #findingmeaningunderthesun

Sharpen the Edge

January 23, 2022 • Ecclesiastes 10

God give us wisdom to know how to live for him in this crooked and chaotic world. His ways are the best ways. May we listen, learn and live for him. #ecclesiastes #findingmeaningunderthesun

Forget Me Not

January 16, 2022 • Ecclesiastes 9

People want to be remembered, but end up being forgotten by most. Jesus was forgotten by most, but perfectly remembers all who come to him. #ecclesiastes #findingmeaningunderthesun

Navigating Life's Questions

November 21, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 8

We all have questions in our hearts and minds as we walk through this life. The Living God acknowledges our questions and reminds us that he is not unaware or distant. He is ready to answer many of those questions and comfort us in the unanswered areas. #findingmeaningunderthesun #navigatinglifesquestions #ecclesiastes

Truckload of Wisdom

November 14, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 7

Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm. - Proverbs 13:20. As you read Ecclesiastes chapter 7 - there is a Truckload Of Wisdom to be gained. #searchingformeaningunderthesun #exploreexperienceenjoy

Less is More

November 14, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 5

There are some things in life that we need to avoid. Avoid careless words, careless worship and the love of money. There are some things in life that we need to embrace. Embrace God, his plan and the good gifts that he gives for our enjoyment. #lessismore

Three Strand Living

October 31, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 4:1–12

Reality #1 - This world is filled with oppression and loneliness. Reality #2 - The church is meant shine like a city on a hill into the darkness. Reality #3 -The church is also meant to serve as a three strand lifeline for those who realize they are drowning. #Biblicalcommunity #oneanother #searchingformeaningunderthesun

Understanding the Times

October 24, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 3

The seasons of life are continually changing. We need Holy Spirit supplied discernment to understand the times and know what we ought to do. #searchingformeaninginlife #eternityinourhearts

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

October 24, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 2

We run around and try & try & try & try to find something or someone to satisfy the longing in our hearts. King Solomon reveals that this will never lead to the satisfaction we seek. Only Jesus brings the satisfaction, joy and purpose to our lives. #Ecclesiastes #searchingformeaningunderthesun

In Search Of

October 10, 2021 • Ecclesiastes 1

People in every culture are searching for meaning in life. We search for it in achievement, relationships, possessions but it continually feels illusive. Jesus revealed that meaning and life are found in him. He is where meaning is found under the sun. #searchingformeaningundersun #questionsfromecclesiastes