Truth Tellers

Times of Refreshment

May 12, 2024 • Jason Williams • 1 Kings 18:41–46

Our world can be a dry and weary land. Good News! Like beautiful rainfall, Jesus has all the power to bring us the refreshment we desperately need.

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

May 5, 2024 • Darin Brown • 1 Kings 18:18–40

As Elijah confronts King Ahab and gives a lesson on how to recognize when you are worshiping a false god. We must choose a side, the false god or the one TRUE God. Then Elijah proves his point.

Take the Risk

April 28, 2024 • Jason Williams • 1 Kings 18:1–18

When Jesus calls a person to “Follow Him”… it is a beautiful calling that involves Risk. Obedience (doing what God tells you to do) will involve both Risk & Faith. Reminder: Jesus is worth the Risk and he rewards our obedience.

God Cares

April 21, 2024 • Jason Williams • 1 Kings 17:8–24

Does God Care about me, and about my needs despite my failings and sins? The cross of Jesus gives us the answer and it is most certainly Yes, He Cares!

Speak the Truth

April 14, 2024 • Jason Williams • 1 Kings 17

In a world filled with compromise and corruption, we need people of the Truth to speak the Truth. Into the darkness, Jesus lovingly sends his people with the light of the truth. If you know Jesus… he has work for you.