Men Of Valour Skeet Shooting Competition

Please Register By August 1st

August 9, 2024
8:30am - 12:30pm

This year we are excited to offer a skeet shooting competition on Friday morning at 8:30 am. This competition will be held at the Rogue Valley Shooting Range located at 6800 Kershaw Rd, Central Point, OR. It will be open to men 18 years and older. We will be doing “best of” and “fox chase” competitions. You must bring your own shotgun to participate in this event. The cost for this event will be $30 dollars per person which will cover the cost of the skeet and 12 gauge ammo. If you bring a shotgun that is not chambered in 12 gauge, you must provide your own ammo. Those who compete must be able to handle their firearm safely and follow all instructions. Please remember to bring hearing and eye protection.