Gospel Contextualization

John Onwuchekwa

Cities are strategic and under reached places for gospel ministry. The world is on its way to becoming 70 percent urban, and so our need for urban theological vision is greater now than it ever has been. As we define contextualization and the need for it, come learn and investigate how to practically contextualize the gospel in the dense and diverse cities of North America.

City Vision

Wrestling with the tension in the city and the call to the city? Come examine how the city develops as a theme through the Scriptures, the importance of city vision from a missional perspective and how to reach your city with the gospel, through this vision.

Cultural Engagement

What is culture? How does culture impact the church? In what ways, if any, should the church seek to impact culture? Join the conversation on navigating through the various strengths and weaknesses of different models of engaging culture, while learning how we can uncover blind spots in our view of the Bible and its truths.

Missional Living

What is the missional living? How can you equip people to reach their neighbors? Learning to immerse yourself in the questions, hopes and beliefs of your neighborhood so you can give a biblical, gospel-centered response to its questions. Come learn practical tools on how to mobilize your core team to reach your neighbors.