The Gospel

Living Sacrifice

April 18, 2021 • David Brenneman

What is the right and proper response to the mercy of God in our own life? To present our bodies as living sacrifices, ready to be used by God for righteousness. While this could look like taking up acts of service, one of the most powerful ways that this plays out is in how we love and serve each other in the body of Christ. It may be messy, uncomfortable, and painful to forgive and honor each other, but let's do it, because this is how we live out the gospel and show ourselves to be His disciples!

Hold On to the Gospel

March 14, 2021 • Seth Hankee

Sin touched every part of our life, marred and ruined and destroyed it, and Jesus is about the work of saving us. This is what the gospel is about. The gospel has power to free us from sin, liberate us from bondage, and pronounce our true identity and purpose in this life. But there are different gospels that we can believe, that try to add to or take away from the work of Jesus. Let God show you the other gospel you've been living from, the ways you're trying to make your way without him, and repent. Bring it to the Cross. Take hold of Him. He's enough.

Living the Gospel Life

March 21, 2021 • Seth Hankee

"Christian living is a continual realignment process of bringing everything in line with the truth of the gospel." -Tim Keller Pastor Seth preaches from Galatians 2:11-20 and examines what it has to say to us about the power of the gospel for our everyday lives.

The Second Mile Gospel

March 7, 2021 • David Brenneman

Like a cup being poured out, Jesus emptied himself. He took off the robes and crown of heaven in order to be born in the likeness of man. He had the right to be served by all of creation, and yet he became a servant of all. He was willing to lay down everything and anything that he could rightfully hold onto, for the sake of others. If we truly grasp that Jesus did all that for us, when we were enemies of God and dead in our sin, in order to bring us into fellowship with him, then are we ready to demonstrate the same kind of love to those around us? Are we ready to show that kind of love to our neighbors, to our enemies, and to our brothers and sisters in Christ?