Inviting Peace

Prayers for the Christmas Season

Introduction to These Audio Prayers

Beginning the week of Thanksgiving, "Inviting Peace: Prayers for the Christmas Season" will be released both in book and audio form. Books will be mailed to active members of the GPBC family whose addresses we have on file. The audio version will be available here for all.

A Prayer Before Setting Up Lights

Lara Lunsford

A Prayer for Getting and Decorating a Christmas Tree

Wayne Williams

A Prayer Before Decorating for Christmas

Jenny Ready • Ezekiel 36:26

A Prayer Before Shopping for Gifts

Richard McElroy • Philippians 2:1–4

A Prayer for Wrapping Presents

Jane Lewis • James 1:17

A Prayer for Crafting

Greg Lunsford • Genesis 1:27

A Prayer for Baking

Sara Bettinger • Psalm 145:16

A Prayer Before Caroling

Marcus Davis

A Prayer for Looking at Lights

Oliver Brune • Isaiah 60:1–3

A Prayer Before Watching Christmas Movies

Angelo Ramella

A Prayer on a Snow Day

Alyssa Pete

A Prayer for Holiday Parties

Paulette Williams • Isaiah 9:6

A Prayer for Travelling Home for the Holidays

Rebekah Scanzillo

A Prayer for Familial Conflict or Loss

Kimberly Brune