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It’s all too easy to look at people on the news or the people down the street and think, “They’re nothing like me. I have nothing in common with them.” Finding common ground is far too often the uncommon approach to loving and serving those who we’re called to live with. With the recent clash of political views, cultural struggles and global strife, it’s more obvious than ever that many are more focused on the things that divide us, than on finding common ground. Jesus lived an uncommon life, and He invites us to cultivate the things that unite us—hope, love and freedom found in a relationship with Him. Join us for four weeks as we explore different ways to close the gaps that separate ‘us’ from ‘them’ and instead, stand together on common ground.

Sheila and Terry's Story

Sheila and Terry talk about the storms they faced in their marriage.

Sheila and Terry share their story about the storms they faced during their marriage and how they got through significant loss because of their firm foundation in Christ.

Food Drop 2018

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, volunteers came together at the Granger and Elkhart campuses of Granger Community Church to pack, load and deliver 88,000 pounds of food to families and community partners across the Michiana area.

Autry Denson

Autry talks about using his platform to live out God's purposes for his life.

Autry Denson, former Notre Dame and NFL football player and current Notre Dame coach, talks about using his platform to live God's purposes for his life. He explains how he uses the game of football to impact lives and to show people how a godly man is suppose to live.

Why We Worship

Members from our Creative Arts team talked about why we worship.

Members from our Creative Arts team talked about why we worship during week five of the series, Best Year Ever.

Esther's Poems

A recipient of the annual Food Drop shares her story.

Esther has been a recipient of our annual Food Drop for over 10 years. She shares with us one of the poems she had written and sent to the people at Granger Community Church to say thank you.

Love Songs Promo

Whether it feels like your love story is pitch-perfect or you’re always singing off-key, there’s a way for you and spouse to be in tune again. Whether you’ve been married for years or are just beginning your married duet, you can work towards true harmony. Join us for three weeks in February as we cover the hits that will take your relationship to the top of the charts: clear communication, a healthy sex life and the keys to a commitment that lasts. grangerchurch.com/love-songs

2017 Year In Review

2017 was a great year at Granger Community Church. Check out this recap video of some of the highlights from 2017.

2017 Christmas Eve

The candlelight Christmas Eve weekend service is a special tradition for the whole family to take part in. This is a recap video from the 2017 Christmas Eve weekend service at Granger Community Church.

Candle Safety

It's all about candle safety. Two brothers shared with us yet again, how to be safe when using candles in the Christmas Eve service.

The Aquila’s Story

The Aquilas share about their journey becoming parents.

Through infertility, adoption and challenges of finding out their child had special needs, Jay and Ang Aquila share their story of God's plans prevailing in their lives.

Monroe Circle Community Center (MC3) Stories

Individuals talk about the impact MC3 has had on their lives.

Granger Community Church's Community Center, Monroe Circle Community Center (MC3) strives to become a place where "neighbors love their neighbors." Individuals share their stories of the impact MC3 has has on their lives and how they are able to impact others through it.

Christmas Eve Promo

Kids Tell the Christmas Story Part 3