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Year in Review

Together we have had so many great moments this past year! Check out some of our highlights from 2019.

Candle Lighting Video 2019

This Christmas Eve, Founding Pastor Mark Beeson shared some candle light safety tips before our Christmas Eve service. #merrychristmas

Christmas Kids Interviews Part 2

🎼 The kids shared some of the Christmas songs they knew during part 2 of our Christmas Interviews!

Christmas Kids Interviews Part 1

This past weekend we talked to some of the Christmas experts. Check out what they had to say!

Christmas Kids Interviews 2019 Bloopers

Kids singing weekend means kids interviews and with kids interviews comes bloopers! Check out these hysterical bloopers and stay tuned for more! #kidssingweekend

Christmas Offering 2019

Every year at Granger Community Church we give a special gift at Christmas to celebrate the love of God through Jesus’ birth. It’s a tradition that we return to again and again, going above and beyond our normal giving to reach people far from God, to help those in need and honor Jesus. Give online at grangerchurch.com/give.

Beeson Arts Montage

The past 33 years the Arts have been a huge part of who Granger Community Church and Mark Beeson are. Watch some of the many ways that Mark, the artist, has uniquely leveraged intentional art throughout his many years of ministry at Granger Community Church. #beesoncelebration

33 with Papa B

For 33 years Our Papa B pioneered New frontiers Led thousands of volunteers Buildings appeared And that's why we're all here... What a beautiful tribute to Mark Beeson (aka Papa B) this past weekend as we celebrated the amazing impact he has had on all of our lives. #beesoncelebration

Celebrating Next Steps History

Mark & Sheila's journey.

We are so grateful for Mark & Sheila’s journey and faithfulness and the impact they’ve had on so many lives. Thank you!

Thank You Mark Beeson

This weekend we celebrated and thanked Lead Pastor Mark Beeson for the impact he has had on so many lives.


Find out more information on the latest news and events coming to Granger Community Church.

Teresa's Story

A mother's story finding hope in Christ.

This past weekend we heard Teresa's powerful story how through Christ she was able to break the chains in her family line.

Women's Retreat 2019

This October hundreds of women gathered together for the 2019 Women's Retreat at Gull Lake Ministries. The retreat was filled with worship, teaching and community.

A Beginner's Guide to Stranger Things

We launched into our Stranger Things series this weekend. Just in case you haven't seen the show, we created a quick "Beginner's Guide to Stranger Things" to catch you up! #grangerthings

Jonathan's Story

A man's story of God's miraculous restoration.

Jonathan shares his powerful story of how God restored him physically and in his relationships.