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A Beginner's Guide to Stranger Things

We launched into our Stranger Things series this weekend. Just in case you haven't seen the show, we created a quick "Beginner's Guide to Stranger Things" to catch you up! #grangerthings

Jonathan's Story

A man's story of God's miraculous restoration.

Jonathan shares his powerful story of how God restored him physically and in his relationships.

Stranger Things

The world sometimes seems upside down—and ourselves right along with it. The Bible contains a lot of strange stories and mysterious passages that are hard to decipher. When it comes to the supernatural, how do we seek out fact from fiction, search out the truth from tall tales? Join us for four weeks this fall, as we will plunge head-first into some of the stranger things in the Bible and talk about ways that we can connect to God’s real and present power, even in the middle of mysteries we may not be able to fully understand. grangerchurch.com/strangerthings

2019 Men's Retreat

Earlier this month, over 150 men took steps and gathered together for a weekend retreat. Check out some highlights from the 2019 Men's Retreat.

Baptism 2019

This August the church came together for incredible celebration as 95 individuals publicly declared their commitment to Jesus. What an incredible day it was! #gccbaptism grangerchurch.com/baptism

What Makes You Angry

Men's Retreat Testimonials 2019

Men's Retreat 2019 is just one week away! Hear what some of the guys who attended last year's retreat had to say about it. We'd love to hear what you are most excited about for this year's retreat! Share in the comments below. grangerchurch.com/mensretreat

Granger Student Ministries Missions 2019

This summer our Granger Students Ministries teams have participated in multiple missions trips, making an impact here locally and across the globe.

Greater Giving

Week 5

You're Not the Boss of Me

Got road rage? Is fear taking the wheel and driving you around? Where does all of that come from? And what do we do with it? Emotions can get the best of us. If we’re not careful, emotions like anger, lust, guilt, pride, greed and fear can take over and shape our actions. Stop letting them boss you around. It’s time to put all these emotions in check by checking the state of our hearts. Join us for four weeks this fall as we explore the nature of strong emotions and how to put them in their place. grangerchurch.com/boss-of-me

Greater Giving

Week 4

Thank you for giving and helping us have a GREATER impact.

Scott's Story

A man's story of new found hope.

"I was always chasing the next thing and now that I look back actually God was chasing me. He was just one step, all I had to do was turn around and I could find Him." —Scott This weekend we heard Scott share his story of new found hope during week three of our Greater series.

Greater Giving

Week 3

Your giving has a profound impact! Thank you for your generosity, helping spread the good news of Jesus here at home, online and around the world.

Scary Movies

Do you enjoy scary movies? People shared their feeling toward scary movies during the final weekend of our AT THE MOVIES series. #gccatthemovies

22 Marvel Movies in 2 Minutes

22 Marvel Movies in 2 Minutes with Robbie.