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Middle School Camp 2019

Highlights from Middle School Camp 2019. #greatestthingever grangerchurch.com/camp

My Big Fat Mouth

Open mouth. Insert foot. Sound familiar? So, yeah. Our mouths can get us into trouble. That bit of juicy gossip, that rumor, or even that thing you know about someone else, true as it may be…how do you know what to say or share? How can we tame our tongues and use the power of our words to lift others up, to encourage and heal, instead of cutting others down? How do we know when to hold our tongue and when to speak up? Join us for four weeks as we attempt to get a handle on the traps and temptations of running our mouths. grangerchurch.com/mybigfatmouth

#4Michiana April 2019 Recap

The Church is commonly known by what we’re against—but we want to be known by what we are for. People from Granger Community Church come together to make a positive impact in our community in an event called #4Michiana.

Greg's Story

A man's story of determination to do as much as he can with the life he's got.

During week 2 of The Last Arrow, we heard Greg share his powerful story. In the face of cancer, he is determined to do as much as he can with the life he's got. grangerchurch.com/lastarrow

Sean's Story

A man's story of redemption and hope.

Love God. Love people. This Easter Weekend we heard Sean’s powerful story of redemption and hope. grangerchurch.com/easter

Easter Celebration

We're coming together for a unique, story-driven experience that you won't want to miss! Be sure to invite a friend or neighbor along to join you as we gather for our Easter Celebration. There are different service times than normal, so pick your service and get ready to celebrate Jesus’ incredible sacrifice for us. GRANGER Saturday, April 20 at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 21 at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m. ELKHART Sunday, April 21 at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12 p.m. grangerchurch.com/easter

The Marr's Story

Anthony and Jennifer share their story.

Anthony and Jennifer Marr shared their story of the restoration and hope that they found in Jesus during one of the most difficult seasons of their lives.

G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)

Michael Jordan. Or LeBron James? The debate about who’s the greatest will always rage on. We usually associate greatness with someone’s position, status or wealth, but Jesus’ way of living turns all of that upside down. What if greatness isn’t found in popularity or prestige? What if true greatness comes from loving deeply and serving passionately? Beginning March 9/10, for five weeks we will look at how Jesus is undeniably the Greatest Of All Time. grangerchurch.com/goat

Food Drop 2019

2,000 volunteers came together to distribute 101,000 pounds of food throughout Michiana during our annual Food Drop this year.

Year In Review 2018

2018 was an amazing year at Granger Community Church. Check out this recap video of some of the highlights from 2018.

Kara's Story

A story of faith and friendship.

Kara shares her story of true friendship helping her get through the difficulties in her own life. She overcame cancer, stress, anxiety and divorce and found joy in Jesus Christ.

Baptism 2018

Over 150 individuals were baptized at Granger Community Church during our Christmas weekend services at the Granger & Elkhart campuses. Watch the video highlighting several of the changed during this special moment. grangerchurch.com/baptism

India Training Center Tour

Thanks to your generosity to our Christmas Offering last year, we were able to build our Training Center in India. Thousands of church planters are trained and impact people all throughout India. Check out this video to get a tour of the center. grangerchurch.com

Volunteer Video

Volunteers are the life of the church. Some of our leaders talked about the importance of volunteers in our church. Want to find the serving opportunity that excites you? Visit grangerchurch.com/volunteer.