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Kristies's Story

A story of true friendship.

Kristie shares her story about how God put people in her path and helped her develop friendships in a new town. She talked about the importance of reaching out to those we don't know and the impact that can have. grangerchurch.com/stories


Find out more information on the latest news and events coming to Granger Community Church.

Forever Country Mashup

Country music has evolved through the years. Our Creative Art's team opened the first weekend of our Forever Country series with this fun Country Mashup. grangerchurch.com/forever-country

Rescue Weekend Recap

During the last weekend of our Rescue Series about 250 individuals accepted the rescue that God offers us through His son, Jesus Christ. grangerchurch.com/rescue

Rescue Stories

Jesus is Lord. He is our rescue.

During the final week of our RESCUE series we heard three individuals share their stories of how Jesus rescued each of them.

Men's Retreat 2018

Highlights from this year's Men's Retreat.

This year’s Men's Retreat was focused on the concept of GRIT. For two nights we stayed at Camp Miracle where we talked about Jesus, played games, hung out with other men and ate some good food. For more information visit grangerchurch.com/mensretreat.

Jasnai's Story

A student shares her incredible rescue story.

Jasnai shares her story of one of the most difficult moments of her life and how her teacher, Mrs. Miller was there for her. (Reminder: Please be aware that the topic of this story is an attempted suicide, a painful and sensitive topic for many, so please watch at your discretion.) This incredible story of RESCUE was shared during week 2 of our Rescue series. grangerchurch.com/rescue

Core Class 401 Journey

Here at Granger Community Church we have something called the discipleship pathway, where individuals take their next steps and learn about their part in God's Story. This June we graduated our first class of Core Class 401 students, 71 people total. Some of them were willing to share with us how their journey. Listen to what they have to say. grangerchurch.com/events/coreclasses

Heroes (we could be)

The band performed the song Heroes (we could be) during our Students: Storytellers weekend as the recap from the students missions trips played. For more, visit grangerchurch.com

Confessions of a Teenager

A group of Students shared talked about what it's like to be a teenager today during our Storytellers: Students weekend.

Day Camp 2018 | Elkhart Campus

Check out some highlights from Day Camp 2018 at the Elkhart Campus.

Day Camp 2018 | Granger Campus Week 2

Check out some highlights from Day Camp 2018 week 2 at the Granger Campus.

At The Movies Promo

The movies have it all: the guts, the glory, the great adventures! Get in on the action. This summer, AT THE MOVIES is coming to Granger Community Church, both live and on-screen, in a blockbuster weekend experience. For seven weeks we’ll be battling the dark side, combating the seven deadly sins and the heroic virtues that defeat them all. We’ll be in hot pursuit of villains, dodging quicksand and sinkholes and without fail, at the end of it all: uncovering treasure that’s there for the taking. Zip up your crime-fighting suit, bring your best side-kicks and buckle up for an amazing summer adventure AT THE MOVIES! grangerchurch.com/at-the-movies

Day Camp 2018 | Granger Campus Week 1

Check out some highlights from Day Camp 2018 week 1 at the Granger Campus.

Middle School Camp 2018

Middle School Camp is an opportunity for students to get away for a week to have some fun doing activities such as high ropes, paintball, zip-lines and tons more. It's also an opportunity to meet new friends and take steps in their faith. Check out this recap video from Middle School Camp 2018.