Stranger Things

The world sometimes seems upside down—and ourselves right along with it. The Bible contains a lot of strange stories and mysterious passages that are hard to decipher. When it comes to the supernatural, how do we seek out fact from fiction, search out the truth from tall tales? Join us for four weeks this fall, as we will plunge head-first into some of the stranger things in the Bible and talk about ways that we can connect to God’s real and present power, even in the middle of mysteries we may not be able to fully understand. grangerchurch.com/strangerthings

Debbi's Story

Debbi shares how cancer became a blessing in her life.

During week 3 of our series, A Story to Tell, we heard Debbi share how cancer became a blessing in her life. Thank you Debbi for sharing your incredible story with us!

Atkinson's Story

A family shares their story about the storm they are facing.

During week 2 of our Into the Storm series we heard the Atkinson share their story about the storm they are currently facing and how they have decided to run to God during it.

Mark's Story

Our founding pastor shares his story about his battle against cancer.

Founding Pastor Mark Beeson shared about the storm he is currently facing in his battle against cancer during week 1 of our Into the Storm series.