You're Not the Boss of Me

Got road rage? Is fear taking the wheel and driving you around? Where does all of that come from? And what do we do with it? Emotions can get the best of us. If we’re not careful, emotions like anger, lust, guilt, pride, greed and fear can take over and shape our actions. Stop letting them boss you around. It’s time to put all these emotions in check by checking the state of our hearts. Join us for four weeks this fall as we explore the nature of strong emotions and how to put them in their place. grangerchurch.com/boss-of-me


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Women's Retreat 2019

This October hundreds of women gathered together for the 2019 Women's Retreat at Gull Lake Ministries. The retreat was filled with worship, teaching and community.

A Beginner's Guide to Stranger Things

We launched into our Stranger Things series this weekend. Just in case you haven't seen the show, we created a quick "Beginner's Guide to Stranger Things" to catch you up! #grangerthings