Sean's Story

A man's story of redemption and hope.

Love God. Love people. This Easter Weekend we heard Sean’s powerful story of redemption and hope. grangerchurch.com/easter

Scott's Story

A man's story of new found hope.

"I was always chasing the next thing and now that I look back actually God was chasing me. He was just one step, all I had to do was turn around and I could find Him." —Scott This weekend we heard Scott share his story of new found hope during week three of our Greater series.

Greater Giving

Week 3

Your giving has a profound impact! Thank you for your generosity, helping spread the good news of Jesus here at home, online and around the world.

Scary Movies

Do you enjoy scary movies? People shared their feeling toward scary movies during the final weekend of our AT THE MOVIES series. #gccatthemovies