Into the Storm Trailer

When life hits hard, it plunges us into a sea of questions and challenges we might have never imagined we’d have to face. When you feel broken, abandoned and struggle to find answers, there’s a beacon in the storm. For four weeks this winter, we’re plunging into stormy waters to talk about how we can cling to God and His promises even when our circumstances are overwhelming. He will carry us through the storm.

Marriage Videos

Couples in our church shared about their relationships

A few couples in our church shared about the hope they’ve experienced in their marriage. Thank you all for sharing with us! #relationshipgoals

Don's Story

Don shared about his beautiful connection between music, God and emotions.

“I’m still amazed at the power of music. It’s fascinating because for so many of us, me especially, it’s a really emotional experience.” Don, one of our worship leaders, shared with us about the beautiful connection music has with our emotions and with God. Thank you, Don for sharing this story and song with us.

Taylor's Story

Taylor shares her story of battling with postpartum depression.

"The really neat thing that I learned about God through all of this, is He is not phased by our mental health or our baggage or our sadness at all. It doesn't scare Him away. He actually welcomes Himself into our sadness and He sits with us in it and He doesn't rush us out of it. He is kind and He encourages us in our sadness." Taylor shared her story of battling with postpartum depression and how God was present in the middle of it. Thank you Taylor for your vulnerability and willingness to share!