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Even more so than getting married, having a child is a profoundly spiritual passage of life, as husband and wife enter a dramatic new phase in marriage and personal growth. At the same time, God brings their child into the world already primed to know and to grow in him. This confluence of transitions often has new parents thinking more earnestly about God and what faith will mean to their growing family. What kind of parents will we be? Will we avoid repeating mistakes from our past? How will we spiritually nurture a new life? Couples don’t have to wrestle with these issues alone. A body of knowledge found in the Bible and from Judeo-Christian experience throughout the ages speaks directly to this major life event. Created by Graham Blanchard’s well-regarded development team of parents, teachers, and pastors, the Newborn Promise Project App serves as a hub presenting vital resources to help today’s new families trust in Jesus during this transformative season. The Newborn Promise Project App includes: Newborn Promise Podcast – NEW each week! Tune in as host Audra Haney interviews popular Christian artists, speakers, family planning experts, pastors, moms, and dads. Each series involves a spectrum of topics from "Building Your Family," covering infertility, miscarriage, adoption, and more, to "After the Baby Arrives," reporting from the trenches of new parenthood. Each episode includes first-hand accounts that will guide and inspire the spiritual vitality of growing Christian families. Marriage and Family Faith-Building Resources • Faith Style Quiz — assess individual strengths and potential blindsides, and then receive corresponding insights to round out your faith life. • Blog Posts — find support to spiritually survive and thrive. We also encourage a healthy dose of laughter through our weekly Family Funnies. • Spiritual Parenting Tips — understand the important first five years of your child’s spiritual life and get simple but powerful ways to nurture it. • The Holy Bible, ESV — have convenient access to the greatest Wisdom of all. • Social Media Links — engage with experts and authors to find answers. This App complements “Your Newborn Promise Project: A Pre-Parenting Primer for Christian Husband and Wife” and “Your Newborn Promise Project Group Study” by Callie Grant, Audra Haney, and Charissa Kolar (both titles, Graham Blanchard Inc., Aug. 1, 2017). For children ages 0-7, Graham Blanchard created the original Learn, Absorb, and Praise board book collection, which interconnects with the five sections of the Newborn Promise Project primer and group study: Love, Remember, Seek, Question, and Persevere. Bringing it all together, “Wings: An Enriching Activity and Coloring Book” helps young children to start thinking about what life “born of the Spirit” means for them (John 3), as they imagine, create, solve, and draw (Graham Blanchard Inc., Oct.1, 2017, ages 4 and up). Graham Blanchard’s mission is to build up families in Christian faith. For more information, visit