Welcome: We are a collective unity of Free Grace Theology (FGT) believers that believes salvation is a FREE GIFT with no gimmicks, no strings attached. As is the case in every school of thought, beit religious or secular, you will find some variations within this belief system. This App provides well thought out beliefs from various sectors of FGT. In short - we believe - salvation is BY grace alone THROUGH faith alone IN Christ alone - apart from human efforts. Salvation is not proven by works - whether it is 'for' or to 'confirm' salvation/justification. Salvation is in none other than Jesus - the Christ - the Son of God - His death burial and resurrection and His promise of Eternal Life to all those who believe (persuasion). We hope you will join with us to learn and grow - and be sure to get on to our In App Messaging feature of this App. App management: Dominick Macelli & Chris Morrison