Where Is God in Suffering? | Episode 22

March 18, 2020 • Grace Church

Pastors Mike Adkins, Clint Harrison, and Grant Nixon of Grace Church in Orlando, Florida apply practical biblical truth to daily life. ----------------------- Show notes: Practical ways to to gain a better perspective. 1. Change your focus by turning off TV news. Read your news. This takes the sound of fear and worry out of the equation. Limit how much you read the news. 2. Read scripture and fill your mind with God’s thoughts. Start in the psalms. Remember, your brain is like a computer the software you are running will determine your output. 3. Turn off all technology for a specified amount of time each day. Sit in the quiet and pray. Do this outside. 4. Remember, that this present moment isn’t all there is. It will pass and God is bringing better things. Put yourself into a mindset of expectation and excitement for how he will solve your problems. 5. Realize that God is doing something. Perhaps he’s giving us more margin to think about our lives. Re-frame the current narrative. 6. Get out of your own head and focus on others by sending encouraging emails and making phone calls to people you love and others who you think might need some help. When we help others we help ourselves.

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