The Heart & Hands of Serving

Luke 10:38-42

June 28, 2020 • Cody Wilbanks

A major part of the Christian life is serving. We serve God and we serve others. But we must be careful to not have a focus on the work of our hands over and above the health of our hearts. At the end of Luke 10, Jesus visits Martha and Mary who offers this lesson when Martha expresses frustration in her service.

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The Heart of Pharisees for Themselves

Luke 15:25-32 • October 18, 2020 • Cody Wilbanks

This week we finish the Parable of the Lost Son by looking at the third character, the older brother. Up to this point, Jesus has taught us about the heart of the Father for the lost but now shifts his attention to teach us about the heart of Pharisees for themselves.

The Heart of God for the Lost

Luke 15:1-24 • October 11, 2020 • Cody Wilbanks

Luke 15 contains some of the most beautiful and well known parables of Jesus’ teaching. In a confrontation with the Pharisees, Jesus teaches us about God’s heart for the lost by giving the Parable of the Lost Sheep, Parable of the Lost Coin, and the Parable of the Lost Son, also known as the Parable of the Prodigal Son.