Rwanda Scholarships

November 18 - December 31, 2021

One of our church values is God's mission; we desire to be disciples that are devoted to evangelism and good works. This holiday season, we have the opportunity to provide 59 children with tuition scholarships for children in need at Living Hope Nursery School in Rwanda. Scholarships are $190 per child per year and includes uniforms, school fees, and a meal for every school day. Cost Breakdown: 1st term-$90 ($40 for uniform, $25 school fees, $25 meals) 2nd term-$50 ($25 school fees, $25 meals) 3rd term-$50 ($25 school fees, $25 meals) If you are willing and able to give a scholarship, you can do so by selecting the "Living Hope Nursery School" option at the giving link below and giving a one-time gift of $190. Thank you!