What We Stand FOR

We Stand for LIBERTY

Week Four • August 7, 2016 • Danny Kirk

Most people believe that the church is all about following rules and being against things. But what are we for? We're for liberty and spiritual freedom. Listen as Pastor Danny Kirk explores this.

We Stand for MERCY

Week Three • July 31, 2016 • Brian Wise

The church is often known for being against things, but there are some big values that our church stands FOR, and we believe they were God's ideas to begin with. On week one, we talked about standing for equality. On week two, we talked about standing for justice. And in this third installment, Brian Wise teaches about why and how we stand for mercy.

We Stand for JUSTICE

Week Two • July 24, 2016 • Brandon Cox

Justice is when all things are fair for all people, when wrongs are made right and right is rewarded. But we live in a world of injustice, and God has a plan to fix it, using all of us.


Week One • July 17, 2016 • Brandon Cox

We need to be thinking bigger than a single cultural moment and have a global, eternal perspective. God created us as equals. Because of sin, we've failed to live as equals in every civilization, every age, and every part of the world. But God has a plan...