Something Greater

An Advent Sermon Series

God is Faithful to Show His Favor

December 20, 2020 • Brandon Cox

God’s favor is when he shows you his good character and keeps his good promises to you. And when God wants to show you favor, you have to decide in advance to be ready with your YES.

The Agenda of the Coming King

December 13, 2020 • Brandon Cox

The good King Jesus’ agenda for his people is good, and when you receive his agenda, you will rejoice for eternity.

Making Way for the King

December 6, 2020 • Brandon Cox

History and its prophets paved the way for Jesus' first coming. We get to prepare the way for his second coming, and we also get to prepare the way for him to take full possession and ownership of our lives as Lord and Redeemer.

A Light in the Darkness

November 29, 2020 • Sam & Melissa Gibby

In the midst of the darkness of our circumstances, it’s easy to lose hope. But the message of Advent tells us that there is something greater coming to make all things right. The King is coming.