Simply Jesus

Jesus Wants to Give You a Purpose to Live For

March 27, 2016 • Brandon Cox

We live in a world plagued by frustration and anxiety. Why? Because we’re trying to be “good enough” for other people, and even for God, but without any real power. Jesus died and rose again to give us an entirely new purpose for living.

Jesus Is Praying to the Father For You

March 13, 2016 • Brandon Cox

In the Old Testament, there were three kinds of leaders who were anointed for their specialized areas of service – the prophet, the priest, and the king. The New Testament demonstrates how Jesus fulfilled all three offices, including being our High Priest who grants us access to God’s presence and prays on our behalf before the Father.

Jesus Has a Big Word About Your Life

March 6, 2016 • Brandon Cox

Jesus is a Prophet, Priest, and King, as well as a Friend and sacrificial Lamb. In this first message in our Simply Jesus series, Pastor Brandon Cox talks about Jesus as a Prophet with a message for your life that is both good and honest.