Free Indeed

Free to Live the Life God Intended

Week Four • January 31, 2016 • Brandon Cox

Once we find freedom from guilt and condemnation through Jesus, freedom from the bondage of sin, and freedom from legalism and empty religion, it's time to really live life the way God intended - fruitfully!

Free Indeed from Empty Religion

Week Three • January 24, 2016 • Brandon Cox

If religion is merely a keeping of arbitrary rules and strange rituals in order to earn the favor of God, it's useless and unhelpful. There's a better way. Jesus came so that we would be able to have, not a religion called Christianity, but a personal relationship with God.

Free Indeed From the Bondage of Sin

Week Two • January 17, 2016 • Brandon Cox

We're all caught. We've all sinned. And Jesus said, "whoever sins is the slave of sin." But because of the amazing grace of God, shown through his Son, we can be freed from sin's penalty, power, and someday, its presence.

Free Indeed from Guilt and Condemnation

Week One • January 10, 2016 • Brandon Cox

We're caught. We're guilty of sin. In fact, we're enslaved by it. That's the reason Jesus came - to give his life for ours, to set us free forever, and to remove the condemnation we deserve for our rebellion. The very first step to living in spiritual freedom is placing our trust in Jesus alone.