Advent Series

God With Us, God Through Us, God Above Us, God For Us

God For Us

December 18, 2022 • Josh Firey • Romans 5:12, Romans 5:18–19, John 3:16

The story of Christmas is really the whole story of the Bible — the story of God’s rescue mission for you. Advent 2022, Week Four.

God Above Us

December 11, 2022 • Mike Campbell • Isaiah 9:6–7

The amazing God above us not only loves us, but embodies everything we could ever need. Advent 2022, Week Three.

God Through Us

December 4, 2022 • Josh Firey • Luke 1:26–38, Matthew 1:18–20, Matthew 2:13–14

You are not called to be a spectator in Gods story; He wants you to be an active part in what He is doing. Advent 2022, Week Two.

God With Us

November 27, 2022 • Josh Firey • Matthew 1:18–23, Philippians 2:6–8, Hebrews 4:14–16

Immanuel, or, God With Us, means we have a Father who understands our struggles and wants to step into the messy parts of life with us. Advent 2022, Week One.