Like vs Love

How Love Can Change the World

Week Four • February 28, 2016 • Danny Kirk

God loves us, which enables us to love others. It's possible to show others what God's love is all about through our actions and attitudes.

Oh, How He Loves Us

Week Three • February 21, 2016 • Brandon Cox

Yes, God loves you. But what does that mean? Most people think God might love them but that he's just mostly disappointed with them. But that's not the story of the Bible. The Bible is the story of God pursuing a relationship with you because he really does love you.

How to Find True Love

Week Two • February 14, 2016 • Brandon Cox

Is it possible to discover and recognize real, true love in a world full of counterfeits? Absolutely! God has made his love known through his Son, Jesus. And he describes his love in his Word, the Bible.

Living for Likes While Longing for Love

Week One • February 7, 2016 • Brandon Cox

We so often fall into the trap of believing that if we can just be liked enough, it will finally feel like love. But God wants us to know and receive his love in a way that transcends human popularity. And he demonstrates his love through the cross.