UnCommon Strength

Week Two

August 20, 2017 • Brandon Cox

God wants you to have an uncommon strength, so the problems and the pressure you face in life are ultimately tools in his hands that he allows so that, after enduring the trial, you'll emerge stronger!

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UnCommon Mission

Week Four • September 3, 2017 • Brandon Cox

When you follow Jesus, God gives you an uncommon mission.

UnCommon Destiny

Week Three • August 27, 2017 • Brandon Cox

When you follow Jesus, you are living toward an uncommon destiny, but daily, you are choosing the pathway you'll walk on the way there. Does your current trajectory line up with your eternal destiny? Where we're headed for the hereafter should make a powerful difference for us while we're living in the here-and-now!

UnCommon Knowledge

Week One • August 13, 2017 • Brandon Cox

Once I KNOW, understand, and embrace the good news of the gospel, I can start living the uncommon life. What I know will make all the difference.