Christian, What Are You Wearing?

Colossians 3:12-14

October 4, 2020 • Tim Vusik

Paul began Colossians 3 by noting that we have been set free in Christ to “seek the things above” (vs. 1) and to “set our mind on things above” (vs. 2). This is possible because we have been “raised with Christ” in the past (vs. 1); we are “hidden with Christ” in the present (vs. 3), and we will “appear with Him in glory” in the future (vs. 4). As those who have been raised up with Christ, we are to “consider” our old self “as dead” and to “put off” the life of our old self because we have “put on the new self which is being renewed” in the image of Christ (vss. 5-11). Beginning in verse 12, Paul instructs the church to put on something that corresponds to their new nature. But as people to whom Christ became all in all (vs. 11), Christians are called to put on Christ - wear his virtues and graces. There are no superstars in the church! There’s only one Champion and His name is Jesus Christ. The rest of us acknowledge our weaknesses and sins and put on Christ! Theme: As God’s beloved, we must wear the virtues of Christ to effectively fellowship with one another as redeemed sinners. Outline: 1. As God’s Beloved, Put on Christ 2. Put on Christ by Putting Up with One Another

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