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Proverbalife pt.3 | Digital

August 14, 2022 • Campus Pastor - Tom Basson

The English word “conscience” joins “con” (meaning with) and “science” (meaning knowledge). So ""conscience"" is “the ability to act with knowledge”. It’s what turns knowledge into wisdom. We live in a world that has abundant knowledge - but what we need is not more knowledge - what we need is wisdom! That is where conscience plays such an important role.

Proverbalife pt.2 | Digital

August 7, 2022 • Jess Basson

... But There is A Path Where They Will Find You! We all want stability, protection and a legacy. So where do we find these things? We look for them in countries, in politicians and economics. We try find them in our jobs, our communities or our families. If I can marry someone with money, if I can get my kids into a good school, if I could emigrate, THEN I will be safe, secure and have a future. Where do we find them? Or do they find us?

Proverbalife pt.1 | Digital

July 31, 2022 • Campus Pastor - Wayne Taylor

We all tell the story of our lives one decision at a time. lets learn together to tell a good one.