April's Date Video

This months date is called “Generational Dating”. I am excited! This month you will be joined with one or two other couples of which to go on a date which have 10 or more years difference in number of years married. We want you to get in touch with your group early in the month to plan when and where your date will be. This could be one of the couple’s house, a restaurant, park. It doesn’t matter. You all get to decide. We prayed over the assignments (a few of us) before putting the couples together. We are providing a list of questions (attached at bottom) for you to ask each other over your time together to aid you in getting to know each other better. Each of you please choose at least one question from the list to ask. This should give you at least 4 to 6 questions to discuss throughout the evening. Don’t forget to post those pictures. Have a great time together. 


Hey guys, Happy New Year! I can not believe it is 2024. This is our last date for this event. We also have our last Paul Tripp event. I am going to provide the link for this event for you to watch at home. I will have to figure out how we will all meet in February and where but I will work on that.  The January date is called Rocky, Paper, Scissors. In this date, you and your spouse will play rock paper scissors. Play the game and winner gets to decide first activity to do. After you finish the first activity together, play again and winner decides 2nd activity. Then when that activity is done you play one final time and the winner decides the last activity to do together. These Activities can be anything. Have fun with it. Be creative, and enjoy.  I will try to forward the Paul Tripp link that I received from Kyle.  Have a great time Kim. 


Hey guys, Oh my, please forgive me for being sooo late with this date. It has been a very busy time for me and I totally forgot to post this date for December. I am so sorry.  Well, It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This can be a stressful time for some, a difficult time for some, and/or it can be a wonderful time for some. I hope we all Find JOY this Christmas season as we celebrate Christ’s birth. As the church body,  We are the bride of Christ. For this date, you and your spouse do something together that celebrates the wonders of this season. It can be anything that brings you both joy.  Have a wonderful date and a Merry Christmas  Kim


This month’s date we are calling “Friendsgiving”. It has become a popular event for the month of November over the past few years. We want you to get together with a few couples from GCT ( they don’t have to be doing 12 great dates necessarily but we do want it to be members/visitors of our congregation) either at your house, their house or even a restaurant and eat together and play games together. Enjoy each others company and fellowship together and let’s be thankful we have oneness in Christ.