Paul's Second Letter to the Corinthians

Paradox of Weakness

Are You Ready?

April 5, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 13:1-14 // In Paul's final exhortation to the Corinthians, he gives a warning, a test, a charge, and ends with a Trinitarian gospel blessing to prepare them for his return. Through our time in 2 Corinthians, are we better prepared for Christ's return?

Remember The Paradox

March 29, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 12:11-21 // As he prepares to come back to visit the Corinthians, Paul reminds them of three aspects of the paradox of weakness: 1) it is essentially apparent, 2) it is for your upbuilding, not your burden, 3) it is meant for unity and repentance.

Fool's Talk, Part 2

March 22, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 12:1-10 // The very part of you that is most humiliating may just be your greatest gift to glorify God. Your hidden, normal life, and your constant, remaining thorns: that is the power of Christ in you.

Fool's Talk, Part 1

March 15, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 11:16-33 // Paul begins his satirical "Fool's Speech", teaching us the foolishness of self-boasting and the glory of suffering, weakness, and dependence on Christ.

Sincere and Pure Devotion

March 8, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 11:1-15 // In our natural state, we are inclined towards a slow slide into deception and loss of trust in the true Jesus. Listen as Paul gives us two warnings to keep our devotion to Jesus pure and sincere.

Humble Boldness

March 1, 2020 • Keith Schubert

2 Corinthians 10:1-18 // Following Paul's example as he follows Christ, we are called to take every thought captive and to act with humble boldness in our obedience to Jesus, all the while seeing the gospel go out though our partnerships and planning.

The Harvest of Generous Living

February 23, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 9:6-15 // When we give sacrificially of our resources and our lives, we are sowing into a harvest of righteousness where God provides sufficiently for his people and receives glory and thanksgiving from his people.

Giving in Christian Community

February 16, 2020 • Chase Strickland

2 Corinthians 8:16-9:5 // While the first half of 2 Corinthians 8 helped us understand why we give, this passage shows us how we give. Paul helps the Corinthians understand that true Christian giving happens not in isolation, but in community, producing integrity and accountability with money for our good and to the glory of God.

Christian Generosity

February 9, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 8:1-15 // Christian generosity uniquely models the person and work of Jesus through sacrifice and joy as communities of Jesus followers care for one another's needs.

A Formula for Joy

February 2, 2020 • Drake Osborn

One of the primary ways that God gives his people joy in every circumstance is through fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. When honest community is paired with godly grief, comfort multiplies to all and results in joy.

Temples and Idols

January 26, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1 // The book of 2 Corinthians has all been pointing to this command: do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. What does it mean to desire holiness in a world full of idols?

Working Together With Jesus

January 19, 2020 • Buck Rogers

2 Corinthians 6:1-13 // God appeals and commissions us to work with Jesus in gospel ministry; by his authority, God commends and empowers us to reflect Jesus’s character; and by his love, he commands us to love each other with the love of Jesus.

The Ministry of Reconciliation

January 12, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 5:11-21 // By the glorious work of Jesus Christ, God has made a great exchange—our sin for Jesus' righteousness—reconciling us to God and sending us out with a ministry of reconciliation as ambassadors of God.

How To Face Death

January 5, 2020 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 5:1-10 // The Scripture teaches that our earthly bodies are like tents: temporary, uncomfortable, and not meant to last. But a future and eternal home is coming, a new body when Christ comes age to bring the final resurrection for his people. As we wait for our future, we live by faith in Jesus Christ that pleases God and will be judged as righteous when Christ returns.

Clay Jars and Eternal Weights

December 1, 2019 • Drake Osborn

2 Corinthians 4:7-18 // You are a clay jar: fragile, forgettable, and unremarkable. But God has chosen to place his treasure, which is the glory of the new covenant, in all those jars who are in Christ. In this outward weakness and inward glory, we resemble Jesus as we are renewed inwardly everyday in anticipation of the eternal weight of glory coming for us.