In Christ Alone

Good Friday at Grace

April 2, 2021 • Ron Tucker

Resurrection weekend is an annual reminder of the incredible life Jesus offers, even in the midst of what seems like hopeless circumstances. It’s real, grounded truth that’s stood the test of time. Our Good Friday service is a reflection on the unthinkable sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ for us.

Because He Lives

Easter at Grace • April 4, 2021 • Ron Tucker

Jesus loved everyone, always. He proved it through His life and His death. And because He lives, we’ve got hope and joy now, and the promise of a perfect future. We’d love for you and your family to come and celebrate Easter with us in person or online Saturday, April 3, at 6 pm, or Sunday, April 4, 9 am or 11 am.

Christmas 2020!

We Made It This Far • December 20, 2020 • Steve McKinney

Easter @ Home

A Grace Church Online Gathering • April 12, 2020 • Ron Tucker

Things in nearly every area of our lives are changing. Yet, no matter how you are handling it, whether you have a good day or a bad one, God’s love for you never changes. Jesus’ arms are wide open to us this Easter and every, single day. If you need help, He is the answer. Join #GraceChurchSTL for an intimate, worshipful experience, as we seek Him together for Easter @ Home.