Watch & Pray - Part 1

January 7, 2018 • Ron Tucker

Jesus taught His followers always to pray and not to faint…lose heart…give up…go silent. This month at Grace, we will renew our devotion to Christ by talking to Him. This weekend Ron will teach, and we’ll celebrate communion. This week we’ll meet for prayer on Sunday from 4-6 pm in the Auditorium and Thursday from 12-2 pm in the Foundry. You’re invited to join us when you can.

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Prayer to Flourish

Watch & Pray - Part 7 • February 11, 2018 • Ron Tucker

When we keep asking, seeking and knocking, God will take us to the place where we can flourish. This weekend we’ll go to 1 Corinthians and learn about living for God in trying times. It’s the last week in our Watch & Pray series. Have a great week and see you in church this weekend!

Prayer for the Dark Days

Watch and Pray - Part 6 • February 4, 2018 • Ron Tucker

When darkness descends, when there’s no desire to pray and everything looks hopeless, there is a prayer we can all pray. As weak as it is, this little beam of light pierces the darkness and connects us with Almighty God. You know somebody who’s one ask away from a life-changing encounter with Jesus! Invite them to join you this weekend.

Seeing the Beauty of the Lord

Watch & Pray - Part 5 • January 28, 2018 • Jack Deere

This weekend Jack Deere will continue our Watch & Pray series by teaching on “Seeing the Beauty of the Lord”. This is the perfect weekend to invite your friends and family. Hope to see you here!