Winter 2017

Where's Your Treasure?


Jesus’ gift of salvation was the greatest act of sacrifice, generosity, and obedience. Why, then, do we trust God with our souls and not always with our resources? God gives us instructions to choose between the weak god of money and Him— the faithful Provider. We cannot serve both. We have to evaluate our hearts and recognize that generosity is more than the amount given—it exposes the condition of our hearts.

Hearts of Generosity

January 21, 2017 • Choices

In 2 Corinthians 8, Paul instructs Corinth to mimic the generous hearts of the Macedonian church. Because their first action was giving themselves completely away to God, they considered it a privilege to worship with their money. In giving themselves away, they were able to give generously and eagerly because Christ had given generously to them. We should be able to view our money in the same light as the Macedonians viewed their resources—as a call to worship rather than a resource to be worshiped.

Corruption Turned to Reward

January 29, 2017 • Choices

As believers, we view our resources differently than the world. The way we steward what we have reflects our faith—it reveals what we value. Jesus said, “Where your money is, there your heart will be also.” (Luke 12:34) As a church, we want to be a people who give courageously, storing up for ourselves treasure in heaven because we have faith in the One who provides and gives generously to us.

Two-Year Ministry Plan

February 4, 2017 • We Choose

This past Sunday, Matt and Bill laid out We Choose, our two-year ministry plan based on our best understanding of how God is directing us. It is a strategic way to budget, allocate, raise, and spend resources in a manner that will help us accomplish the mission God has given us.