The God of Unfailing Love and Justice

Matt Williams • December 9, 2017

The Golden Calf

Matt Williams • December 2, 2017

When we feel like God isn’t coming through for us on our terms, we tend to fall back to sin that feels comfortable to us. In the same way that the Israelites revert to creating something tangible to worship, we create our own gods in times when we feel disoriented. However, what would it look like if we stopped ourselves from reverting to our cyclical sin and instead reflected on God’s kindness to us? What if we reacted out of obedience rather than disregard? As we look at Exodus 32, let it serve as a reminder to walk in faithful obedience not out of duty but because of His kindness to us.

A Call to Justice

Mark Moody - Anderson

A Call to Justice

November 25, 2017 • Chris Curtis

Obeying God’s commands produces freedom, not bondage, and brings life, not death; they are refreshing to the soul and give joy to those who follow Him. As we walk in obedience to Him and surrender to His direction and guidance, we are able to love others well—even our enemies.

The Law and the Heart

Matt Williams • November 18, 2017

Sabbath: Rest & Remember

Bill White • November 11, 2017

Exclusive Loyalty

Matt Williams • November 4, 2017

As we continue to walk through the book of Exodus, we continue to be reminded of the truth that we are broken in the same ways as the Israelites. While we may not be worshiping idols in the same shape or form, we choose our own functional gods and idols to fuel our own desires every day.

God Prepares His People

Bill White • October 28, 2017

In Exodus 19:1-25, God shows fierce kindness in the way He delivers His people and draws them into a relationship with Him. Despite our brokenness, God wants to draw us to Him in the same way. Only when we recognize our need for Him can we fully recognize His great mercy in delivering us.

Jethro's Wise Advice

Matt Williams

In Exodus 18, we find Moses trying to care for his people alone. Jethro, his father-in-law, steps in to provide wisdom and advice on how to best take responsibility and care for others in the way that God calls us to.

Manna and Quail from Heaven

Bill White

It is natural for us to want to distance ourselves from the Israelites. However, we find that Exodus 16 reveals the condition of the human heart—hearts that forget, cling to nearer idols, run to comfort, and doubt God’s provision even in the face of His work. Although we look to other things to provide for us, in Him we have everything we need.

The Red Sea

Matt Williams

Throughout our lives, God continually shows us our need for Him by putting us in situations that challenge our control, and our response to uncertainty reveals the condition of our faith. As the evil in the world continues to remind us that we are not in control, God’s authority to judge grows more evident, and He receives glory through both judgment and salvation.

The Exodus

Will Plonk

The exodus is the Old Testament picture of the cross for us. The Israelites, once slaves of the Egyptians, are freed from slavery, lavished in riches, and prepared to reconstitute their identity as a new nation. Despite Pharoah’s attempts to thwart God’s promise to rescue the Israelites, God’s faithfulness cannot be frustrated, and His promises never fail.

The Passover

Matt Williams

Because we serve a benevolent, kind, and all-wise King, justice is served in His sovereignty and perfection. We are freed from carrying the weight of this broken world because He has already stepped in to make it right on our behalf. Trusting in Him as the perfect Lamb of God brings salvation and deliverance from sin.

A Hardened Heart

Bill White

We often buy into the idea of our own personal sovereignty rather than acknowledging the only Sovereign. Our culture has created a narrative with us at the center of everything. Instead of trusting in a God whose character does not change, we attempt to trust in our wavering abilities and unstable emotions and character.

Discouragement and Disbelief

Matt Williams

Through the obedience of Moses and Aaron, we are reminded that obeying God does not guarantee that things will get easier for us. We trust in a God who is sovereign and bigger than short-term suffering; His plans exceed our momentary affliction.