Easter | 1 Corinthians 15 (2019)

Bill White • April 18, 2019

Resurrected and Exalted (2018)

Matt Williams • March 31, 2018

Living Hope (2017)

Bill White • April 16, 2017

The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us a living hope and an inheritance that is imperishable. Because of His great mercy, we are invited into a personal relationship and new life with our Savior.

The Resurrection Body (2016)

Matt Williams • March 27, 2016

The basis of Christianity centers on the Resurrection. The fact that Jesus was raised from the dead tells us about who God is and how powerful He is. If we have faith in Him and believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, it means we too will be raised from the dead. We will receive new heavenly bodies—bodies that will be strong and full of glory, unlike the mortal bodies we currently occupy that are weak and full of brokenness.