Jesus is Greater

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Sometimes we get stuck. Our faith becomes a list of dos and don’ts, and without even realizing it, walking with Christ has boiled down to following a set of rules. Over time, our hearts harden, and when our response to the gospel is apathetic at best, we drift away from its message of hope and reconciliation. The book of Hebrews is our wake-up call. It’s a reminder that the Christian faith is about submitting our lives to One who is greater—One who radiates glory, who sustains creation with His boundless power, who infinitely exceeds the capacity of our imaginations, One who has cleansed us from our sins. What would it look like for our lives to be captivated by the One who is greater, Jesus Christ, instead of ourselves? Join us as we explore the book of Hebrews to find out.

Hebrews for Everyone

N.T. Wright

Writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Tom Wright helps us to find our way around the letter to the Hebrews, one of the most challenging writings in the New Testament. He acknowledges that people often find it difficult, because some of the ideas it contains are strange to us. Yet, like meeting a new friend, Wright helps us to find Hebrews full of interest and delight, with a powerful message that comes home to the church of today and tomorrow just as much as it did to the church of yesterday.

Encountering the Book of Hebrews

Donald A. Hagner

The Supremacy of Christ

Bill White • February 11, 2017

The letter to the Hebrews should serve as a warning and a challenge for us to know the Word and to know Jesus. The author of Hebrews counted on the biblical knowledge of his audience in order to draw attention to the supremacy of Jesus—to once again captivate their eyes and hearts with Jesus, challenge them, and open the doors for them to experience His greatness. Despite all of the worldly things that may consume our hearts, Jesus is greater.

Don't Drift Away

Matt Williams • February 18, 2017

In the opening verses of Hebrews 2, the author warns Christians of their ongoing responsibility to hold close the message of Jesus. He warns that if we do not continually process the hope of the gospel, we may drift away from the Truth. We must recognize the reality of our own sin to truly see the good news of Jesus.

The Humanity of Christ

Matt Williams • February 25, 2017

Jesus, both fully God and fully man, is the victorious and perfect atonement for our sins. Because Jesus became and remains fully man, He has the unique ability to join two worlds and to break the power of sin and death through the shedding of His own blood. As God, Jesus has access to the real Holy of Holies; as man, He is eligible to die to pay for our sins. He has come perfectly and gloriously to both comfort us through the experience of death and ease our fears because He has already experienced and defeated it.

Where Glory Belongs

Will Plonk • March 4, 2017

As believers, we have direct access to God’s messenger and our High Priest, Jesus. However, we often settle for “good” things when we have access to the Greatest. We focus on and place our hope in the things of this world rather than the One who created all of these things. We focus on the house, when our attention, praise, and worship should be directed to the builder. All the good things in our lives should only serve as a means to glorify Jesus in the end.

Hardened Hearts

Matt Williams • March 11, 2017

The author of Hebrews warns his audience to inspect their souls and be able to care for others. As believers, we are susceptible to hardening our own hearts and living in disobedience to God. It begins with drifting from our faith, and if we are not careful to examine our hearts and heed the warnings of other believers, we will become blinded and deceived by sin.

Faith in the All-Knowing

Matt Williams • March 18, 2017

As believers, we can rest in the truth that we do not have to work to prove or earn our salvation. We need only to do the work of examining and exposing our souls. We are free from exhausting ourselves with good works, because our faithful God has made rest ready for us in eternity.

The Humble High Priest

Bill White • March 25, 2017

In Hebrews 4:14-5:10, the author is describing to us how Jesus is our “mega” high priest. Jesus was made high priest by God and He charted a path to God that was marked by His suffering, sacrifice, and obedience. Jesus is like us in all of our weaknesses, yet without sin. Since He is able to sympathize with our weakness and is our source of eternal salvation, we can hold on to our confession of faith and approach the throne of grace with boldness.

Seek Deeper Understanding

Matt Williams • April 1, 2017

The author of Hebrews continues to warn us in Chapters five and six to check our souls to make sure we are not deceiving ourselves. We need to acknowledge that there is something at stake and that we always need to be progressing, growing, and moving towards the cross. If we are not responding to truth and moving forward, we are drifting away from God. The Christian life is about persevering and enduring through life’s battles and our war against our own flesh.

The Faithfulness of God

Matt Williams • April 8, 2017

God’s faithfulness is on display throughout history. Although we can lack belief that God will truly fulfill His promises, the writer of Hebrews reminds us that God will not back out and He will not change His mind; He will stay faithful to His people. As we place our hope in His faithfulness and wait for the fulfillment of His promises on earth or in Heaven, we can rest in the truth that we have a sure and steady anchor for our souls.

The Superior Priesthood

Matt Williams • April 22, 2017

As we have continued to walk through the book of Hebrews, the big idea remains the same: Jesus is Greater. Although the Hebrew audience is still caught in the old ways of a Levitical priesthood to grant access to God, the solution the author gives to them is the same solution for us. The author challenges them with a different kind of priesthood: a mediator who is qualified and clothed in perfection—a mediator who stands in our place and whose intercession for us endures forever.

The Superior Covenant

Bill White • April 29, 2017

The Hebrew people tend to find security and rest in the old ways of the old covenant, but the author attempts to introduce them to the new covenant where they can find hope once for all. Although we cannot identify with the familiarity of the old covenant, we are well versed in the desires to go back to “old ways” instead of trusting in the hope of Jesus. God desires for us to let go of the lesser things in this world and hang on to the better promises of His new covenant with us.

The Perfect Tabernacle

Chris Curtis • May 6, 2017

Although the tabernacle was once a holy place of worship instituted by God, the writer of Hebrews reminds the Hebrew people of its limitations and ultimate failure to perfectly reconcile us to God. The tabernacle was only a precursor to the perfect tabernacle that we now have in Jesus, giving us free and open access to God.