1 Timothy

Aug - Dec 2012

God's People in Conflict

Matt Williams • August 18, 2012

Paul writes Timothy about the importance of sound teaching.

In the Teeth of Ministry

Matt Williams • August 25, 2012

This week, Matt finishes up chapter 1 of 1 Timothy explaining what motivates us as believers... God's mercy and his discipline.

A Praying People

Scott Mozingo • September 2, 2012

Scott takes us through the first part of chapter 2 where Paul encourages Timothy to pray for all people.

Unity and the Feminine Contribution

Matt Williams • September 8, 2012

Matt guides us through a discussion on the distinctive contributions of women in the Church as pertaining to their beauty and roles in ministry.

A Well-Led People

Matt Williams • September 16, 2012

In the first part of 1 Timothy, chapter 3, Matt explains the qualifications of an elder and what that looks like for us at Grace Church.

A Well-Served People

Bill White • September 23, 2012

Bill takes us through the second part of 1 Timothy chapter 3 explaining that a deacon isn't a position to hold in order to make decisions, but it's a position that we all hold as servants of Christ.

The Theme of Our Song

Matt Williams • September 30, 2012

The Church is entrusted with taking the gospel to the world. We must be careful to avoid the dangers of misconduct and taking sides on non-moral issues which could alienate us from those we hope to reach.

Christians and Culture

Matt Williams • October 6, 2012

Matt discusses how both liberality and legalism result in bondage and stem from the kind of heresy Paul warned would come when those who forsake the faith spread their false teaching.

Of Christian Hopes and Habits

Bill White • October 14, 2012

We are willing to be disciplined and rigorous for lesser things. Why not do the same for greater things which bear fruit in this life and the next life, too?

Virtue and the Gospel Minister

Matt Williams • October 21, 2012

A message to a pastor...but with application to you. Be true to your teaching and live a life of love, faith, and purity.

Mercy and Justice in the Church

Matt Williams • October 27, 2012

Matt discusses how the church's credibility on the gospel is tied to its responsibility of fulfilling the needs of the truly vulnerable.

The Weight of Wise Leadership

Matt Williams • November 10, 2012

Paul gives Timothy a very stern exhortation regarding elders, sin and church discipline. Matt explains how following this advice has benefited our elders and church body in numerous ways.

Slaves, Masters, and Brotherhood

Matt Williams • November 17, 2012

Matt taught from I Timothy 6:1-2 regarding the ultimate good God can bring with suffering and endurance and the present day application in the workplace.

The Treasure Diagnostic

Matt Williams • December 1, 2012

Timothy is warned about false teachers who are divisive and motivated by greed. Paul stresses sound teaching, godliness and the true meaning of contentment when faced with a culture chasing after riches.

On the Move

Matt Williams • December 8, 2012

Matt asks if we are creating momentum in our spiritual lives even as Paul exhorted Timothy to not merely flee evil but persevere, pursue godliness and live in light of Christ's imminent return.