David & Saul

Matt Williams

October 22, 2016 • David • 1 Samuel 24, 26

While the encounter between David and Goliath is a demonstration of David’s faith, the encounter between David and Saul in the cave shows David’s deep desire to follow God’s plan. When Saul enters the very cave that David and his men are using to hide from Saul and his army, David is conflicted with the seemingly opportune moment to kill his enemy. We see that David’s heart is set on God when, instead of taking the “opportunity” to kill Saul, he instead cuts off a piece of Saul’s robe and withstands the test from God. Although David gives into his own desires in this small way, he is troubled about having given in at all. David chooses to trust in God’s plan and the fact that God had anointed Saul as king rather than accelerate his own kingdom by taking matters into his own hands. David puts God at the center of the situation, trusts Him with the ultimate justice and vengeance of Saul, and is able to forgive his enemy without repentance from him or reconciliation.

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Series Introduction

October 2, 2016

From obscure shepherd to esteemed king, David was just as human as the rest of us. His faith in the Lord brought him through mountaintop highs and cave dwelling lows, yet God was present in every moment, shaping and refining David for His glory. David’s life didn’t always look like a triumphant victory over Goliath; his treachery with the murder of Uriah and adultery with Bathsheba brings to light a deep reality—that though we are redeemed by Christ’s blood, believers are a broken people who will wrestle with sin until we are glorified. But God is in the business of using sinners in his redemptive story and through the lineage of David, a Baby is born… a Savior. Join us as we walk through the life of a man of God, David.

Chosen King

Matt Williams • October 1, 2016 • David

David’s life shows us that God uses the unexpected and the unlikely. Choosing broken people like David to participate in His plan makes His great power known. David’s life is one of tension as the Bible describes him with a heart of integrity and skillful hands, yet his life is also one of murder, adultery, and lies. The tension in David’s life is used by God to point us in the direction of His faithfulness; God does not choose a stereotypical future king, but instead chooses David, working in the field and the youngest of his brothers, to serve and lead. God is in the business of taking fragile people and using them for His glory. David’s story paints a picture of how God shapes people for His plan.

David & Goliath

Matt Williams • October 8, 2016 • David

We will all face battles in our lives, but how we approach each battle reflects what we believe about God. Do we believe that God is sovereign and fully engaged in our circumstances, no matter what the outcome is? In 1 Samuel 17, David faces a seemingly impossible situation, but he approaches the battle with unwavering trust in the living, sovereign God to carry out His plans for His glory. David identifies what God is doing and comes underneath His plans instead pulling God into his own personal agenda. We are called to trust that God has prepared us for whatever battles we are up against, knowing that we have the living, sovereign God on our side.