Old Testament Versus New Testament

April 23, 2017 • Cliffe Knechtle

Is God all about wrath or love? Is there a difference? How do we justify the seemingly two different accounts of God in the Old Testament versus the New Testament?

How Jesus Healed People and What It Means For Us Today

October 15, 2017 • Cliffe Knechtle & Stuart Knechtle

How Do You Handle Adversity

October 8, 2017 • Cliffe Knechtle & Stuart Knechtle

Listen to Cliffe and Stuart Knechtle as they discuss "How Do You Handle Adversity" in this week's ModernLife:30.

How the Gospel Changes the Way We Look at Work

September 17, 2017 • Stuart Knechtle

Join Community Pastor, Stuart Knechtle, as he looks at meaning in work and what is a Christian understanding of work.