20s & 30s Discussions

Wednesday Nights, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Luke 22:14-20, 23:39-43

Contradictions and a Servant Heart • April 5, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We discuss Luke's story of the last summer and his inclusion of a debate between the disciples about who is the greatest. We tie that in to the story of the thief on the cross, the contradiction of that story compared to what Matthew records and what it all means for how we live our lives today.

Matthew 27:45-52, 28:16-20

Is Doubt a Sin? • March 29, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We discuss Christ's death as recorded in Matthew, and specifically look at the super weird account of "dead saints" coming out of their graves and appearing to many people. We ask what Matthew is trying to teach about God's presence and what it means to live out our faith now. We also tie this in to Jesus' command at the end of the Gospel to go, baptize and teach.

Mark 16:1-8

Trusting the Bible and Dealing With Suffering • March 22, 2017 • Jake Kircher

The end of the Gospel of Mark originally ends abruptly and then later on scribes added on. How do we understand content, the way the Bible was written down, and what we can trust? How do we deal with differences in the Gospel accounts of Christ's death and resurrection? Why would Mark have chosen to end in such an odd place and what could it teach us about suffering?

Acts 10:34-48

Is Jesus Inclusive or Exclusive? • March 15, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We discuss Peter's sermonette to Cornelius and the other gentiles and ask if the message of Jesus is one of exclusion or inclusion.

Acts 10:1-33

Accepting All and Changing Law • March 1, 2017 • Jake and Melissa Kircher

We discuss Acts 10:1-33 and look at the significance of what happens to Peter. Some even have gone as far to call Acts 10 the most important passage in the Bible! We talk about what this means as far as accepting others and talk about if God's law changes or not.

Acts 9:32-43

Godly Expectations and Impactful Service • February 22, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We look at two miracles done by Peter - the healing of a lame man and the raising of a woman from the dead - and discuss what our expectations of God are and what to do when we don't get what we expect. We also ask the challenging question that if you died today how much would others care that you were gone?

Acts 9:23-31

Fear vs Comfort and Radical Changes • February 15, 2017 • Jake Kircher

Our group discusses how the church can have "fear of the Lord" at the same times as being "comforted by the Holy Spirit. We also dive in to how do we know someone has really changed, what forgiveness is and when boundaries are appropriate.

Acts 9:1-22

When God Doesn't Make Sense • February 8, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We discuss Saul's conversion and what it tells us about listening to God, what to do when God tells us to do something that doesn't make sense and the important role we have in sharing the Good News with others.

Acts 8:26-40

Is Jesus exclusive? • February 1, 2017 • Jake Kircher

What does Philip's interactions with the Ethiopian Eunuch teach us about how we should share our faith?

Acts 8:1-25

How Do You Use Power? • January 25, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We discuss Philip preaching in Samaria and his interactions with Simon the Magician. What does this passage teach us about magic and power and how to respond to displays of either?

Acts 7:1-60

Stephen Defends His Faith to the Death • January 18, 2017 • Jake Kircher

Stephen defends the accusation that he is being blasphemous and is then stoned to death because of what he shares. What can we learn from his defense, how do we deal with the number of historical inaccuracies in his speech, and what can we learn from the religious leader's response?

Acts 6:1-15

Is Preaching More Important Than Serving? • January 4, 2017 • Jake Kircher

We discuss Acts 6 and dig in to the Apostles comments that "it is better to preach than to serve tables?" How do we understand this seemingly arrogant comment from Jesus' closest disciples?

John's Birth Poem

John 1:1-18 • December 28, 2016 • Jake Kircher

We discuss John's poetic account of the birth of Jesus and why it is so important.

Luke's Birth Story

Luke 1:26-56; 2:1-21 • December 21, 2016 • Jake Kircher

Why is Luke's birth account so different than that of Matthew's? More specifically, why is our traditional representation of Jesus' birth that we see in nativity scenes and pageants actually differ in a number of ways from Luke's account?

Matthew's Birth Story

Matthew 1:1-2:23 • December 14, 2016 • Jake Kircher

The authors of the Gospels didn't just randomly throw stories together, but had purpose and meaning behind what they were writing. And interestingly, all three Biblical accounts of Christ's birth differ from one another. (And curiously, in Mark's account of Jesus' life, he doesn't even include a birth story...). What is different about Matthew's account and WHY does he include what he does?